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Burgundy Wedding Invitations

Burgundy, the colour of prosperity and leadership, is a great selection for your wedding invitations. If you are hosting your special day during winter or inside a winery, burgundy wedding invitations are the perfect choice to give your guests a warm cosy feeling right from the start. 

Paperlust stock burgundy invitations in a range of print types: white ink, digital, real foil, metallic and letterpress. If you like the sound of burgundy and white wedding invitations or ivory and burgundy wedding invitations, using our luxurious white ink technique is a way to really make the burgundy pop! We know you want something unique to turn heads and white ink is the way to go. If you do choose white ink, we suggest white RSVP cards with burgundy writing so that guests don’t need a special white ink pen to fill it in.

If you want to emanate that warm glow right through to the end of the reception, consider little details that will create a cosy atmosphere for your guests and make them feel at home. At the ceremony turn the heaters up and you could even have a couple of soft throw rugs slung across the front row seats for elderly relatives. For a winter wedding spoil your bridesmaids with exquisite faux fur wraps and decorate your reception with lanterns, candles and fairy lights. If you are going for soft mood lighting, choose burgundy and gold wedding invitations or burgundy and silver wedding invitations to match the frost outside.


A colour for all seasons

Burgundy doesn’t have to be all about winter and wineries! You could use burgundy floral invites for a spring garden wedding and pick one of the colours in the flowers for your bridesmaid dresses. This kind of invitation would work well with a red velvet naked cake decorated with beautiful fresh flowers. Burgundy and blush wedding invitations could be used during summer or autumn - the blush tones complement the burgundy and give you an easy colour palette for bouquets, boutonnieres, dresses and bow ties.

Burgundy wedding invitations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you are working on a budget, rather than white ink we recommend using the filter to check out our digital print invites. They are our most affordable option and look stunning on high quality matte paper stock. Your wallet will thank you!

Choosing wedding invitations in burgundy doesn’t have to mean making an all out statement (although certainly there’s no rule against it). You can select an invitation that has fine burgundy type against a white background or a design with a splash of watercolour. Whether you’re looking for gold foil, foliage borders or an art deco style, choose from our designs at Paperlust for a luxury look on high quality paper - without the high prices you might expect. You’ll love our complimentary envelopes, free shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee. All you have to do is shop!