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Winter Wedding Invitations | Designs By Creatives | Printed By Paperlust

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Currently no wedding invitations available for purchase. Browse our wedding invitations collection to find what are you looking for.


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Winter Wedding Invitations

The vast majority of weddings take place in the warmer months, which means there’s something inherently unique about a winter wedding! Think grey skies, snow covering the ground, elegant long-sleeved bridal gowns with a fur shawl, and a cosy reception. 

Whether or not you live somewhere that turns full winter wonderland with snow and ice when it gets cold, winter adds its own personality to your special day. Like any wedding, your aesthetic begins with the perfect choice of wedding invitations and stationery. You might choose to theme your entire wedding around the season (hello snowflakes wedding invitations!), or just give a nod to it in certain elements, keeping things more subtle. 


Popular winter wedding invitation features

Winter themed wedding invitations come in a range of different styles, but here are some of the most common wintry elements: 

  • Snowflake wedding invitations, featuring a snowflake motif
  • A winter colour palette - cool colours like white and blue are ideal
  • Images related to the season. Think cosy sweaters and warm clothes, snowmen, an open fire or something similar that is meaningful to you
  • Something related to a holiday that falls in winter in your part of the world. E.g. Christmas or New Years, or
  • Real foil invitations in silver. This gives a shiny, icy look that is perfect for winter. 

Choosing winter wedding invitations doesn’t mean you have to bypass any other style: you can simply incorporate multiple styles into your design. For example, consider rustic winter wedding invitations, modern winter wedding invitations, bold winter wedding invitations, or minimalist winter wedding invitations. That way your invitations can reflect the season, your own style and the personality of you and your partner all at once. 


Winter wonderland wedding invitations 

One of the most common themes for winter weddings is “Winter Wonderland”. It’s something everyone is familiar with, yet completely open to your own interpretation: perfect! Kick off the theme with the wording ‘Winter Wonderland’ somewhere on your invitation or save the dates, and people will get the message whether or not you want your whole design to be winter-themed.  

Paperlust has all the stationery you need for your winter wedding, from your wedding invitations to your save the dates, RSVP cards, and thank you cards, as well as on the day stationery like place cards, menus, orders of service, and gift tags. All our pieces are completely customisable, so you can make sure you’ve got something that works perfectly for you and your partner. 

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