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Print on Wood Birthday Invitation Cards & Party Invitation Cards

Each and every party you host is a unique event, whether it’s a birthday party or other party, so your invitation should be unique too; and it doesn’t get much more unique than a party invitation printed on wood. Paperlust is proud to offer you locally crafted Australian print on wood invitations for whatever party you may be hosting. You may also continue the wood printed theme to other products if you desire wedding invitations, save the date, christmas cards and birthday invitations, and really show your style; a Paperlust themed party you won’t find anywhere else.

These incredibly unique birthday party invitations are not only amazing because they’re printed on wood, but simply the designs are something to write home about. Paperlust offers many different designs for your wood invite needs, including beautiful styles like watercolour birthday invitations, rustic birthday party invites, cool birthday invitations and personalised birthday party invitations.  Not only can you choose from a large lot of designs, but you can alter each of these designs through both colour beige birthday invitations, blue birthday party invitations, multi colored birthday party invites and green birthday invitations and print digital cards, foil stamp, metallic prints and photo card, to make a truly unique print on wood invitation that your guests can cherish for a long time to come.