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90th Birthday Invitations

As you get older, birthdays become more important: a great excuse to gather family together, and catch up with the kids and grandkids (maybe even great-grandkids!). ‘Milestone’ birthdays that mark the transition from one decade to the next are particularly significant, and a great time to celebrate. Every year and every decade are worth celebrating, but if you’re lucky enough to live to your big 90 birthday, it’s definitely worth throwing a party! At Paperlust we can help make your celebrations perfect, with our range of birthday invitations, spanning right up to 90th birthday invitations (and beyond). 

Just like at any age, the perfect 90th birthday invitation should reflect the interests and personality of the birthday boy or birthday girl. A reserved man who loves to read and listen to music might have quite a different birthday party (and thus different birthday invitations) from a super-social woman who loves talking to everyone and spends her days volunteering or running church events. 90th birthday invitations should also be influenced by the type of party being thrown. A huge reunion with old family friends and the entire extended family will be different from a family dinner with nearby loved ones, and a formal dinner or cocktail party will be very different from a backyard barbecue. For this reason, you should do your research into 90th birthday party ideas to find the 90th birthday ideas that work for you before you order the birthday invitations. Of course, if you’re running short on time and haven’t chosen your theme yet, you might choose to keep the 90th invitation simple so it will go with whatever 90th birthday celebration ideas you end up choosing to use. 

We’ve got 90th birthday invitation templates to suit every personality and every sort of party. (Just like you might look for a different birthday gift for 90 year old man who likes books and a 90 year old woman who loves watching TV,  or a different kind of 90th birthday card, so should the birthday details and invitations be different!) Some of the most popular choices include classic birthday invitations, simple birthday invitations, floral birthday invitations, and geometric birthday invitations, but there are tonnes of different choices available. All our 90th birthday invitation templates are completely customisable with our very easy to use editing tool. It’s easy to add your own information, drag, drop and resize design elements to make sure it’s all exactly what you need. 

Photo cards are a very popular choice for 90th birthday invitations, typically featuring a photo of the birthday boy or girl as a child or young adult. We’ve got stunning photo card designs available, and it’s easy to include your own photo. Just like standard invitation designs, a photo card design can be formal or casual, and matched to your style preferences. If you want a photo card, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to track down the perfect image. If the photo collection is at someone else’s place, don’t wait until the last minute to track down happy 90th birthday images, or you’ll be pushing it to get your invites on time! (Leaving plenty of time for party planning is always a good idea for all aspects of the day! Just tracking down elegant 90th birthday decorations can be a chore). 

In addition to the design itself, your 90th birthday invitation wording can communicate a lot about the person whose birthday it is, and the style of birthday party being thrown. We’ve got a guide to birthday invitation wording to help you choose the right wording for you. 

Perhaps you’re not looking for your own 90 birthday ideas, but you’re throwing a party for a grandparent or parent? Let us help with all your 90 year old birthday party ideas. From 90th birthday cards and the best birthday wishes for 90 year old card messages, right through to 90 year old birthday gift advice and tips on 90 birthday decorations. Hang around on our blog and we’ll make sure you’re confident handling birthday parties for people of any age.