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Elly W.

Elly W.


Feb, 2016


W E D D I N G • S T A T I O N E R Y

Awkies • #donutsareforever • Seen in White, Polka Dot Bride, The Brides Tree + more • ABIA nominee • Brisbane AUS

My name is Elly and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I like weddings (this sounds like it’s self confession time, doesn’t it?). I’ve always had a passion for weddings but never really knew what to do with that passion. I contemplated becoming a Marriage Celebrant (but then I’d have to be in all the photos and I’m a bit awkward really…), and even becoming a Wedding Co-Ordinator (but that would mean a whole new qualification and well, I just got one). So instead, I’ve decided to use the qualification I DID get to launch myself into the wedding scene in the most subtle way, by not really being in the wedding at all! Instead, I will be fiercely typing and clicking my little heart out (or.. fingers.. out?) to create some beautiful wedding stationery to match your perfect day.

I’ve always been a big fan of matchy-matchy. When I was 5 I matched my pink gumboots to my pink ruffled skirt. When I was 15 I matched my face to my sour moods (just kidding, I was a wonderful child! Ask Mum…) and when I was 25 I matched my passion for graphic design to an arts college. And that, my friends, is when it really began.

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