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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Wedding rehearsal dinners are such a constant feature of romantic comedies, usually a chance for all the characters to gather before the wedding and a setting for final bombshells and declarations to emerge. In real life, they are usually held for the very opposite reason of all that unexpected drama. Often not all of the wedding guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner and it becomes necessary to post separate wedding rehearsal invitations to those you want to include in this event. This may be important if members of your bridal party are interstate or international and require the extra time to go through the proceedings of the wedding day. When it comes to the wedding rehearsal dinner themselves, there are a few ways to only notify the relevant guests. The rehearsal dinner can be indicated by an additional paragraph that you only print on some invitations. Or you can take this as an opportunity to play with the design of the main invitation and interpret it slightly differently for the rehearsal dinner invitation. As it contains less information, the wedding rehearsal invitation could also be the exact design as the main invitation but printed in a smaller size. This additional card can just be added in the envelopes of those you need to invite. Having that wedding rehearsal dinner can not only iron out any of the procedural kinks of the big day, but also provide a chance for a more intimate celebration with those close wedding guests which may not be possible at the reception. 

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