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Unique Wedding Invitations & Funky Wedding Invitations

Creative unique invitations for a wedding

A wedding is all about celebrating your love and relationship alongside family and friends, so every part of the celebration should be geared towards you and your loved ones. Since every person, and every family, is completely unique, your wedding should be too. That all starts with unique wedding invitations.  If you’re looking for unique wedding invitations ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

Unique wedding invitations ideas: What really makes wedding invitations unique?

There are a number of ways to make wedding invitations unique.

Most unique wedding invitations include some of the following:


- choosing a unique design, funky wording, print type, customisation options, and the inclusion of a photo

- adding custom envelope liners to your envelope order

- creating an all in one wedding invitation with tear off RSVP

- adding embellishments like a belly band or stickers to your envelopes


Outstanding funky wedding invitations

Once you’ve chosen the perfect style for your funky wedding invitations, find a fresh take on the theme so you have something unique. Unique beach wedding invitations might feature shells or a sand-coloured motif rather than blue and waves like most beach invites. You can find unique rustic wedding invitations, unique destination wedding invitations, and unique elegant wedding invitations...really any style you need. We have a whole range of unique designs to suit all tastes, even antler wedding invitations.

If you’re struggling to find something you consider unique, consider taking a DIY approach with DIY unique wedding invitations, where you could add elements that are handmade, or have a custom invitation design created from scratch especially for you such as pop up wedding invitations.


Unique wordings for wedding invitations

If you’re looking for unique wordings for wedding invitations, check out our articles about wording your wedding invitations. Unique wedding invitations wording can really set your invitations apart: instead of going for a standard formal invitation template, saying something like “please join us as we celebrate the wedding of..”, you should feel free to speak in a way that makes sense to you and sounds like how you speak...uniquely you! 


Unique print types for wedding invitations

Most wedding invitations are digital prints: standard ink on paper. A quick way to make your wedding invites unique is to choose a less common print type, like letterpress, real foil, raised foil, print on wood, metallic ink or white ink. For an extra unique invite, choose a photo card wedding invitation and include a personalised picture of you and your partner. 


Customised wedding invitations 

Being able to make small tweaks and changes to your wedding invitations lets you make them completely yours. On Paperlust we make that easy, with our intuitive editing tool. You can add your own information, drag, drop, resize and delete elements of the design until everything is perfect for you.