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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Succulent Wedding Invitations

You don’t have to be hosting a desert wedding to rock succulents wedding invitations. Cactus or succulents invitations for wedding can be in the cute, minimalist, watercolour or gold foil style (and much more), so why not start browsing our selection to see what catches your eye? Instead of struggling at home with your DIY wedding invitations template featuring a succulent, choose our stress free succulent wedding invitations where you just edit the text and we do all the hard work. Succulent themed wedding invitations can be as personalised as you want. Use our online design tool to see your changes in real time. Whether you’ve chosen foil stamped wedding invitations with a succulent motif or simple watercolour design, Paperlust offers totally unique wedding invitations because our designs are 100% exclusive to our brand.

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