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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Red Wedding Invitations

There’s no doubt about it - red makes a statement. Wedding invitations in red have a way of grabbing attention and heralding your special day like no other colour can. However, it can have different associations, depending on the couple.

For St Kilda or Chicago Bulls fans, red, black and white wedding invitations would be the ultimate way to prove your loyalty (as long as your partner is also on board). Maybe you are proud of your French or Dutch heritage. Nothing says patriotic like red white and blue wedding invitations. For Canadians, it might be red and white wedding invitations (with or without the maple leaf). Red wedding invitations and red and gold wedding invitations are arguably most popular for Chinese weddings. If you are looking for Chinese wedding invitations, check out our red collection for the traditional or modern wedding invitations that you’re after. 

Remember with all of these ‘themed’ colours, your wedding invite can still remain a very subtle tribute. The stationery doesn’t have to include logos, flags or symbols - you can still achieve elegant wedding invitations while giving a nod to these passions.

Some other interpretations of red wedding invites are:

  • Spanish red and black wedding invitations
  • Gothic black and red wedding invitations
  • Red rose wedding invitations (Beauty and the Beast/Disney)
  • Red and silver wedding invitations

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