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Passport Wedding Invitations


Passport wedding invites are only slightly different but are perfect for overseas weddings. If you and your partner are both a fan of traveling and want to set it as an identity for your wedding, having a passport wedding invitation can never be the wrong choice, its the perfect choice for destination wedding invitations. Planning on a ceremony in Bali or the Bahamas? Or just a two-hour countryside wedding on the outskirt of town? You will never go wrong with a passport wedding invitation as it never fails to impress your guest even though the style has started at least 10 years ago! It definitely never goes out of style! 

Passport-style invitations are a creative way to express your passion for travel. If your wedding doesn’t take place on another part of the globe but you are a certified globe-trotter, you could angle your passport invites as a ‘passport to fun’. 


Designing Passport Wedding Invitations

Choose one of our passport-style wedding invitations and customize it to reflect your style and taste. Printed on our luxe paper, they are close to perfection with a perfect rounded-edge diecut which makes them authentic and real. You might find that some of them are in the long boarding-pass format, the ones that have been very famous on Pinterest. No need to dig the internet to find the one you’re looking for, our boarding pass invitation is completed with the stamp and stitched lines to represent the actual boarding pass. 


Our passport wedding invitations come in 140mm x 214mm size flat, and 140mm x 107mm once folded. We will provide a scoreline to ensure you can have a neat folding. It will be then completed by a matching envelope which comes in various colors you can choose on our customise page. Our passport invitations are available in various print types, starting from digital print to foil stamping. If you’re looking for a way to have a decent travel-inspired design but want to keep the cost down, you can choose digital print as opposed to the flashy foil or metallic.

However, if luxury is your middle name, having the exclusive gold or silver foil print on your wedding invitation is definitely your calling. 


Fun Way to Style your Passport Wedding Invitations

Passport wedding invitation is gorgeous on its own and you don’t need any special touches to complete the look. However, you can make use of our guest name printing service to make your passport wedding invitations personalized. Imagine your guest receives the invitation, opens the envelope, and finds their name nicely printed on the card! It might be simple, but trust us, lots of guests love that special add-on that only costs you a few bucks (as low as $0.3 per invite). Not only write their names on the invitations, but we can also print your guest name and addresses on the envelopes. Now you have a fully personalized invitation, in and out.


In some rare cases where you can’t find anything you like from our design library, you should know that we can always create a custom design for you from scratch. You just need to share with us your inspiration, what you want the invitations to look like and other creative juices in your head so we can turn them into reality. Simply go to our custom wedding invitations design page and tell us more about it.