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Gothic Wedding Invitations & Halloween Wedding Invitations

Gothic wedding invitations can be characterised by dark, moody tones and often combine elements of vintage and retro design. However, if you are looking for wedding invites in the gothic style, you’re not restricted to a stereotype. At Paperlust any design can be customised to suit a gothic wedding but in this category we have gathered a handful of elegant gothic wedding invitations to make your search easier (we know you’re busy).

Whether it’s simple cursive script on a black and white design or rich velvety burgundy set off with real gold foiling, classic Victorian gothic wedding invitations or DIY gothic wedding invitations, you can personalise your design on our site until it feels truly and uniquely like you - and your partner, of course! Other themes that can easily be customised to make a gothic look are modern wedding invitations and formal wedding invitations.

Gothic Halloween Wedding Invitations

It’s no surprise that vintage gothic wedding invitations are popular for vintage, retro and even halloween themed weddings. Perhaps you’re inspired by your ceremony venue - an eighteenth century cathedral - or you have fallen in love with a vintage gown. Who knows? Maybe like Coco Chanel you adore the chic all-black look and have opted for a black wedding dress! Go for it! Whatever has prompted you to search for gothic wedding invitations, follow that desire and allow it to craft a unique and meaningful theme for your special day.