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Formal Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

A formal wedding is a rare chance to dress to the nines and have your friends and family join in the fun. From tuxedos and runway dresses, a ten tier cake and a James Bond style dance floor, formal weddings are the best. Everyone gets to look their finest on your big day and you want to make sure they have fun, too. Here at Paperlust we love doing things differently, which is why we collaborate with creatives all across Australia who push traditional design boundaries to create sophisticated and unique formal wedding invites that you and your guests will love. Classy black tie wedding invitations are the perfect way to formally invite your nearest and dearest to your formal wedding.



A formal wedding card is generally a combination of:

  • Premium print techniques: letterpress, metallic print, raised foil, or rose gold foil wedding invitations
  • A choice of any traditional formal color: black, blue, gold, purple and many more
  • Elements from other design styles like vintage, rustic, and lace

Each wedding invitation card set can also include one or all of these items in a matching design:

It’s up to you how much you include, but regardless of whether you are choosing formal wedding invitations or informal wedding invitations, make sure you get everything you need so that you’re not stuck ordering extra cards at the last minute. Why make wedding planning more stressful than it needs to be?

A few great ways to maintain a formal, reverent tone at your ceremony are:

  • Use a heritage location like an old church to add history and character
  • Incorporate bow ties or hats (for women) into the dresscode
  • Use a formal wedding program instead of projecting onto screens
  • Say traditional wedding vows
  • Get your celebrant to ask for all technology to be switched off before the service begins



Our formal wedding invitation templates allow you to combine a formal design with personalisation so that you’re totally in love with the result of your formal wedding invitation. If you are searching formal invite templates online hoping to hunt down a formal invitation template freely available to customise, you’re in luck - our templates are all fully customisable with our online design tool. Edit your design obligation free and see your results in real time. Choosing Paperlust means you ditch the hassle of printing a free online template yourself (it’s more complex and time consuming than it sounds). Get your formal invitations template exactly how you want it and one of our professional designers will check it over for you before it goes to print and send you a final proof for your approval. 



Are you and your partner are planning to elope and then tell the world about your nuptials via formal wedding announcements after the fact? A perfect way to do this is with formal wedding photos printed as a photocard announcement. You can also customise these on the Paperlust website and send them to would-be ‘guests’ as a great way to show them they are important to you and prevent people from feeling left out. But remember, your photographer will have to get the photos back to you quickly before the news gets out by itself. Timing is key, but you only need one photo for the announcement, which your photographer should be able to provide by the time you get back from your honeymoon.



Once you've discovered wedding invitations you love, be sure to have a look at our super helpful wedding invitation wording page, which has all the wedding card messages you need. If you’re looking for formal wedding invitation wording, there are several designs with lovely examples of a formal wedding invite as well as other wording options available too. 

Formal wedding invitations wording might not be quite what you think: they don’t necessarily have to have parents listed in the host line and can still contain numerals. It’s up to you. If you want to know how to address formal wedding invitations, take a look at our blog post on addressing wedding invites that covers pretty much any scenario. A formal wedding invitation can involve some pretty specific design elements and wording, so take your time and customise your invite just the way you want it here at Paperlust. 

Formal wedding invitations are the perfect way to tell your guests to bust out their fancy dresses, wedding formal shoes and hairspray for your big day. Let’s be honest, if you’re not royal or a celebrity, how many occasions do you have to dress up in black tie? Use this momentous occasion to really go all out - then come back from honeymoon and enjoy the amazing formal wedding photo memories you’ve created.