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Moody wedding invitations for elegant chic feel by paperlust

Going for just one color on your wedding invitations can be hard, and not only because you have to pick one specific color, but because you also limit your design options, so sometimes it's better to decide on a color palette or a certain color scheme for your wedding invitations. This will allow you to experiment with different colors and play around with the combinations of these different tones.

A great color palette or overall theme for your wedding invitation colors is one of the moody tones, an arrangement of different hues that are dark and deep, mostly tending towards blue and gray, but sometimes including burgundy accents or even muted olive green tones. Moody colors are great because they set an atmosphere for your wedding without limiting your color options, so you can pick any hue and look at its moody versions. You can even mix it up with neutral earthy tones or grays that complement your main moody colors.

Moody wedding invitations are a great choice for those couples whose wedding takes place during the fall or even winter and also those who live somewhere where the weather will be just as moody. These tones go great with golden writing or decorations and work amazingly with white and other lighter neutral tones.

Here on Paperlust, you can browse through our amazing designs and choose one for your moody wedding invitations, and if you want, you can submit a special request to change colors to fit your moody color palette. The ordering process is simple and completely online from the comfort of your house.