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Bedazzle your guests with these Glitter & Sparkly Wedding Invitations

Glitter wedding invitations make the heart happy. Whether it’s on fingernails, cupcakes, eyelids, handbags or a phone case, glitter just makes everything more fun. Sparkly wedding invitations could be just the thing you need to catapult your big day to the next level. Whether it’s gold glitter wedding invitations or silver glitter wedding invitations (and let’s not forget rainbow) your wedding invites are sure to spark joy up on people’s fridges as they eagerly anticipate the wedding day.

Wedding invitations with glitter suit fairytale, formal, boho, winter, cute and art deco style weddings and much more. If you’re tired of the minimalism that simple wedding invitations create or the serious tone of formal wedding invitations, spice things up with a glittery glow.

It’s relatively easy to do glitter wedding invitations cheap but beware of at-home ‘money saving projects’. Apart from getting messy, DIY glitter wedding invitations can end up costing more time and money than they’re worth. If you’re an experienced crafter and confident in your DIY skills, go for it, but be sure to do your homework first.

Maybe you love some shimmer but glitter invitations are out of your comfort zone. The perfect solution for you is glitter belly bands for wedding invitations! Belly bands are a fantastic addition to your invite suite - adding some pizazz without taking over. If you feel that wedding invitations with glitter suit your personality and wedding style, browse our fabulous selection today.