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Gay Wedding Invitations, Lesbian Wedding Invitations, Same Sex Wedding Invitations

Gay wedding invitations and lesbian wedding invitations can mean so many things, and we think it’s up to the couple themselves to bring the stationery to life! There are many ways you can illustrate your theme in the design to suit a same sex couple. Here are some examples:

  • Mr & Mr / Mrs & Mrs
  • Rainbow motif
  • ‘Love is love’, ‘At last’ or ‘Finally’ wording
  • Gay wedding invitations photo card templates
  • Matching rings
  • Tuxedos and bow ties for gay male wedding invitations / two dresses for lesbian weddings
  • Mars and Venus (gender) symbols

If you’re after cheap lesbian wedding invitations, you might be thinking about a wedding DIY project. While these can be cost effective, they can also be time-consuming and stressful so we suggest sticking with gay and lesbian wedding invitations from Paperlust where the professionals can take care of the details.

Your gay wedding invitations wording is important so feel free to follow examples from the designs of our gay wedding reception invitations or create lesbian wedding invitations wording from our wording templates page. Be as creative as you like!

Why stop at just wedding invites? Customise gay wedding shower invitations and lesbian wedding shower invitations with our online design tool where you can see your changes in real time - obligations free. What are you waiting for? Your gay or lesbian unique wedding invitations are just a click away!