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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Funny Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

Who said wedding invitations have to be serious? At Paperlust we think there's a place for funny wedding invitations, and that’s in an envelope headed to your amazing family and friends! Funny wedding invites are a great way to set expectations that your special day is going to be fun and light-hearted, but just as meaningful as any other wedding too. We like to think that our talented creatives hailing from amazing Australian locations like Sydney and Melbourne have nailed it when it comes to creating wedding cards with the perfect balance of cheekiness combined with unique design. Our creatives are experts in knowing which print technique - Letterpress, Metallic Prints, etc. - best suits which design style; like Beach, Lace, Rustic wedding invitations and Vintage.

Funny Wedding Invitation Templates to tickle every funny bone.

Paperlust has a wide variety of different styles and colours in our available funny wedding invitation templates; whether you want something obviously hilarious or subtly cheeky, our selection of invitations will surely fulfil your invite needs. Or if you are after geeky wedding invitations you are also in luck. If you already have your wedding colours set you may like to filter our design options by colour, like Black, Blue, or Gold for example, and when looking for the perfect funny wedding invitation set it's quickest to first find the wedding invitation design you love and then checking out the remaining cards - engagement invitations, save the date, thank you cards and more so your wedding stationery needs are finished from the time you ordered your invites!

Funny Wedding Invitation Wording Examples that will crack your guests up.

Once you've found that unique, must-have wedding invitation take a quick look at our super helpful wedding invitation wording page, which has all the wedding card messages you'll ever need. Combine our fun and hilarious funny wedding invitation templates with your silly sense of humour, and the combination will not just invite your friends and family to your special day, it’ll bring a smile to their face and they’ll look forward to your incredible wedding day from that moment on.

Paperlust is the best choice for quirky wedding invitations and more.

Fun and quirky go hand in hand; so, these quirky invitations from Paperlust are not just silly, they’re fun and quirky too! Not everyone wants to make their wedding a funny event, so if you’d rather let loose and have a good time than going for the elegantly subdued type of wedding style, these quirky wedding invitation templates are the ones you need. Have fun discovering the amazing and unique designs by our talented community of creatives, and if you have any questions be sure to contact our friendly support team.

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