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Casual Wedding Invitations

Not every wedding day has to be super formal. Maybe you want to keep things simple and affordable. Maybe you fancy wearing bare feet on the beach. Maybe you prefer a lunch reception and perhaps formal just isn’t your style. If you’re more comfortable keeping it low key, you’ll love our range of casual wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations casual style can embody any theme you like, from fall wedding invitations or casual beach wedding invitations to art deco wedding invitations. We advise identifying a theme you want for your special day and then browsing until you find a design that fits the bill.

Casual wording for wedding invitations can really be anything you like. Strict rules disappear along with formality so with casual wedding invitations wording you are free to be as creative as you like. Wedding invitations with casual wording could include humour or even a poem - think outside the box. 

When it comes to wording for casual wedding invitations, the most important thing is that it sounds like you (or your theme). We know nobody (at least no one we know) actually talks like a formal wedding invite, so wedding invitations wording that’s casual allows your whole invite to seem more authentic. Browse our exclusive collection from independent designers today to find your perfect match.