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Calgary wedding invitations

Wedding invitations in Calgary are all about balance - traditional and contemporary, mountain and ballroom, embellished and minimal. Calgary locals know what they want and understand about creating a cohesive style for special events. Many people search for ‘Calgary stationary’ not realising that they’ll find a better result with the correct spelling: ‘stationery Calgary.’ Be a savvy stationery seeker and choose Paperlust, the online platform that gives you access to hundreds of completely customisable designs right from the comfort of your living room.


Design in Calgary

For those in Calgary interested in graphic design - those who want something truly unique for their big day - why not consider custom wedding invitations? A custom design can be anything you like, from a handmade look to classic letterpress to vibrant colourstock. On the other hand, if you’ve been searching for cheap wedding invitations in Canada, digital printing with Paperlust is the way to go. Shopping online is almost always more affordable because it cuts out a lot of other costs that a local store would have to cover. More good news: Paperlust can have your invites shipped to you within 2-4 business days.


Trending designs

If you want the hottest wedding invites Canada wide, as experts we can show you what’s trending. From save the dates, engagement and wedding invitation cards to menus, place cards, RSVP cards and thank you cards, Paperlust is the wedding invitation website that has it all.

Here are some styles for Canadian wedding invitations that people are loving:


Wedding invitations near Calgary

If you are planning a Cochrane wedding or looking for wedding invitations in Edmonton but can’t find quite what you like, shop online for access to more designs so that you can find the one that truly suits your wedding. Whether you choose winter wonderland, floral, art deco or winery for your Edmonton wedding invitations, remember that your invitation suite will be the first impression your guests get of your wedding, so it’s important to set the right tone from the beginning.


Samples and cards

If you want to ensure you’re getting top quality, ordering wedding invitation samples to Canada are a must. Order one of our sample packs from Australia today for just $5 for the chance to touch and feel our amazing paper stocks and printing techniques. Paperlust don’t just do invitation suites. We also stock a beautiful range of wedding cards for people in Canada if you have a date on your calendar as a wedding guest in the near future.

While you can be guided by invitations in the Calgary style, it ultimately comes down to you and your partner’s tastes and visions for the wedding day. Choose a wedding invitation design that reflects your personality or even an aspect of your story as a couple. Happy shopping!