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Premium modern wedding invitations for design lovers globally, shipped with love from Australia

Premium wedding invitations for design lovers globally, shipped with love from Australia. Shop and personalize online wedding invites by Australia's and the globe's best creatives. Here at Paperlust we are all about supporting independent designers. There is no shortage of great independent designers, but finding them and their work can be hard on the internet so we have collated a great selection of unique and creative wedding invitations for you to choose from.

We love promoting the work of Independent designers; At paperlust, you will find such a wide range of wedding invitation styles. We love being able to give artists the chance to get their work online and share it with you.


Paperlust Wedding Invitations: Created in collaboration with Independent Designers

Our designers come from all over the world, each bringing with them their wedding design style. When you look through our gallery of designs, you can see there is a straightforward and clean aesthetic, while still being focused on every detail, which is shared through the many different designs.

Some of our designers focus on beautiful typography, creating lettering that is stylish and distinctive and personalised just for you. Some of our other designers use splashes of colour for wedding invites that stand out and can match your wedding’s colour palette, and others create truly engaging wedding invitations and stunning illustrations to decorate invites for wedding and make them into works of art. Some designs are sure to appeal to everyone, no matter what your taste or wedding’s theme. 


Premium wedding invitation templates

Browse through our wedding invitation templates, and you’re sure to find a designer who has created something that is perfect for you. Our designers are dedicated to creating beautiful wedding designs that will add to the specialness of your wedding day.


Independently Designed wedding invites

Many of our designers are still young, so it’s important that we nurture their talent and give them a chance to share their work and further develop their creative skills. Through Paperlust you are helping us to help support Independent designers and ensure that they always have a platform through which to create wedding invites and showcase their work.

We like to provide support to our designers with our Feedback Gallery and our invitation Design Challenges which allows them the opportunity to get feedback on their work and share their ideas and inspiration with a wider community. Our designers receive a commission on sales of their designs to help them develop a solid body of work and progress their design careers.


Semi Custom wedding invitations that will blow you away

The design market can often be quite saturated with global brands, and it can be a challenge for Independent designers to break into it, so we want to make sure young creatives have a global platform to get their work recognised and put independent design for semi custom wedding invitations on the map to showcase their incredible talent

There are hundreds of ways to get wedding invitations, from importing fancy designs to tracking down free printable wedding invitation templates here, but there's no substitute for knowing you're supporting local design talent. 


Wedding Invitations - Quality wedding invitation cards now available online

All of our wedding invitations are quality assured. Produced in-house in Melbourne, we quality check our prints three times before they are dispatched to you. Many large online printers may offer the cheapest price, however they take little id no care when it comes to the quality of their paper stocks, printing or packaging. At Paperlust we pride ourselves on our quality wedding invitations, triple checked for assurance and with a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t believe us, have a look at the hundreds of five star reviews online from our happy customers. 

When it comes to wedding invitations, and all manner of design, Australia has a lot to offer, our designers have their own distinctive aesthetic to create unique designs that you are bound to love.  

We love Australian quality printed products, and we hope that after looking through our beautiful range of wedding invitations that you will too. And even better? Our cards aren't just for Aussies. We ship event and wedding invitations to the UK, USA, Canada and almost every other country around the world, and we even have styles suitable for fall wedding invitations. Sure, you'll find our vintage wedding invitations in Brunswick and our contemporary wedding invitations in Wetherill Park, but you'll also find our floral wedding invitations in South Africa and our greenery wedding invitations in Ireland. There's truly something for everyone and every place at Paperlust.


Wedding Invitations Online Australia - Choose and customise the perfect wedding invitations templates

There are a million reasons why creating your wedding invitations online with Paperlust is a great way to go. The fun of being able to browse, customise and order your very own wedding invites from the comfort of your couch will never be replaced with anything, especially when it starts to be very hard to find a time for an appointment with you and your partner presents. Now the question is, why should you choose Paperlust out of hundreds of vendors you found when searching for wedding invitations online?

Range of styles for your wedding invites online

Like with anything, shopping for online wedding cards gives you access to a huge range of styles and print types that may not be available to you if it weren’t for the internet. No matter what style of wedding you’re planning, there are online wedding invites that will fit your aesthetic, even if it’s well outside of the standard options. This could be anything from rustic wedding invitationsclassic wedding invitations, vintage wedding invitationsfloral wedding invitations, art deco wedding invitations, modern wedding invitations or country wedding invitations. Paperlust has a very useful search feature that can bring you the most recommended styles from the keywords you typed in. We have more than 100 different styles and each of them belongs to at least one wedding.


A large range of simple wedding invitations

If you are just after something simple and modern well you are in luck. Simple wedding invitations are our best sellers when it comes to our templates on offer. Basically, anything black and white with a focus on unique and modern typography and concise and to the point copywriting. Some of our most popular simple wedding invitations are the Linear design by Jamie which also comes in multiple shapes and formats, Blanc Mode by Shab is also one of our popular options that also comes in Letterpress for a high-end feel. If you are looking for something simple with a romantic hint of greenery but want to keep it low-key, our Luna design by Shab will be a perfect choice. 

The Wedding invitations Template  - Something for every budget

Whether you’re working on a tight budget and looking for cheap wedding invitations, or hoping to splash some major cash on solid gold invites, there are online wedding invitation cards for you. You can even track down online wedding invitations templates and other wedding invitations online cheap if the price is the most pressing concern.

Something for every taste

At Paperlust we have carefully curated our collection of designs to ensure that you have access to the very best designs from a range of different categories and styles. Whether you're specifically looking for floral wedding invitations or vellum cards for delicately layered glam wedding invites, we've got something for you, or you can even include a photo to create photo wedding invitations.


There’s nothing quite as practical as buying wedding invitations online: browse thousands of designs from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered right to your door. Wedding invitations online ordering systems take all the pressure off you and make things easy: A lot of companies even have wedding invitations online rsvp collection systems to take care of rsvps for you. Plus, because our designs are easy to personalize, you can make them perfectly suited to your event, even for non-traditional weddings or wedding vow renewals


Digital Wedding Invitations in Collaboration with Joy

Wondering where to print wedding invitations? Looking to create a mix of print and digital wedding invitations?

Perhaps you have overseas guests who you would like to invite but posting physical prints might take a while to arrive. We have selected to work with Joy, the best wedding App in the industry, to provide over 60 of our best digital wedding invitations templates in their App and website. This way, you can also create digital wedding invitations with an rsvp management system. You can order the physical print versions on the Paperlust platform by browsing our wedding website category here and then head over to Joy for the digital part.

Wedding Invitations Canada

Every design sold on Paperlust is completely personalized, which ensures your needs and desires aren't limited by designs that are only almost perfect. Found a design you love but were also hoping to reflect your faith with Christian wedding invitations, Hindu wedding invitationsJewish or Islamic wedding invitations? Want to give a nod to your heritage with Italian wedding invitations or Indian wedding invitations? Looking to transform one of our designs into your dream wedding invitations? Any of these options are just a few clicks away, meaning the same invitation can work perfectly for thousands of different events. 

Canada is a breathtaking nation filled with natural beauty and stretches of wilderness that refresh the soul. Canadian weddings deserve to be just as beautiful and stylish. To tell your love’s story your own way there are many options for wedding invitations in Canada. If you’re planning a spring garden wedding, try floral or botanical invites, or for a winter winery wedding consider burgundy with gold foiling. Can’t find what you like on our site? Paperlust offers the best wedding invites Canada wide so that you can commission your dream stationery for your wedding. If you’re creative and already have an invitation design, you can also print your own design with us. If your budget won’t allow for a customised design but you love the idea of customisation, consider a monogram or a personalised couple logo to grace your invite.


High quality cheap wedding invitations in Canada

We understand that weddings aren’t cheap, and many people are searching for discount wedding invitations in Canada. Do you want the look of DIY wedding invitations in the Canada style without all the hours of hands on work or affordable wedding invitations for Canada-based people that don’t look so … affordable? To nail the wedding invites on the cheap in Canada, stick to Paperlust’s digital printing options or limit the cards in your invitation suite to one or two essentials. The best way to get cheap wedding invitations is by focussing on the basics - what do your guests really need leading up to and on the day to stay informed and also feel valued? Canada’s wedding invites are inherently stylish but they shouldn’t have to break your wedding budget.


All in one wedding invitations

Another way to do invitations in Canada for a cheap price is to choose all in one wedding invitations Canada style, also known as pocketfold wedding invitations in Canada. They are the best all in one wedding invitations Canada wide and make everyone’s life easier - you can do away with the whole stack of invitation cards and keep things simple. You don’t even need an envelope because everything is together on the one piece of paper!


Canada loves to shop online

Shopping online in Canada has become increasingly popular for a range of reasons. First of all, shopping for theinvitations online in Canada is very convenient - get all your wedding stationery sorted without leaving the couch. Secondly, online wedding invitations in Canada are cheaper - because all of the usual overhead costs associated with a physical store are eliminated, you aren’t overpaying. The third reason to order wedding invitations online for Canada-based people is because you have far more choices than you would in store. Browsing wedding invitations online in Canada is the best way to get a product perfect for you at the right price with the least effort. Win!


Trending styles

Canadians have a true individual style and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. There’s no difference when it comes time for them to get married, so we have compiled a list of wedding invitation styles that Canadians love (we hope you will too):



Paperlust doesn’t just have wedding invitations. We cater for all of your wedding stationery including save the dates, engagement invitations, menus, place cards, thank you cards, hens party invites and bridal or wedding shower invitations in Canada. For the best events stationery and wedding invitations in Canada choose Paperlust. 

Wedding Invitations NZ (New Zealand)

NZ wedding invitations are the perfect introduction to your wedding day. They set the tone of what your guests can expect, and why not kick things off with a bang, through a stunning wedding invite design!

Wedding Invitation Sets - We have all the staples for your wedding invitations

We have all your wedding stationery NZ needs, from your wedding invites, thank you cards, engagement party invitations, save the date cards, we have you covered for your entire wedding invitation suite.

Our closest neighbour, New Zealand is not so different from Australia in many ways; they have beautiful natural landscapes and the same relaxed lifestyle vibe that Aussie’s live and breathe. But when it comes to design, New Zealand have their own distinctive style that everyone can appreciate. 


Wedding stationery NZ designs

A relaxed style with splashes of bold colour to give some edge. Without moving too far towards quirky, New Zealanders like to have fun with their design. New Zealand designers are able to create designs that appeal to people all over the world, and when it comes to wedding invites - New Zealand designers are just as creative. 

Whether focusing on the combination of different colours, the finer details of illustrations, or elegant lettering and typography, our New Zealand designers, just like our Australian ones, know how to create something unique for your wedding day.

New Zealand can really be something special, with so much beautiful scenery, rustic outdoor weddings are very popular so rustic wedding invitations might be what you are looking for, and the landscape of New Zealand provides endless inspiration for many designs. Known for bringing the magic of J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to life, the scenery is instantly recognisable from all over the world, and New Zealand inspired wedding invites are just another way they can bring some magic to your day. 


Trends in NZ

Wedding trends come and go, but with so many themes to choose from, brides will have no trouble finding a style they like. And really, it’s your special day, so choose any theme you like, whether others say it’s in style or not. But just in case you were curious about what’s trending in weddings at the moment: 



New Zealand has some stunning parks and gardens, and with floral applique becoming a popular trend with wedding dresses, why not compliment that with floral themed invitations? We have a great range of floral wedding invitations, ranging from the more classic floral print to something more country inspired. You needn’t worry about a floral themed wedding being too girly for the groom either, as there are some stunning designs that are more minimal, or you choose even choose a black and white floral theme for something different. Floral and rustic themes are a popular choice, incorporating the beautiful surrounds into invitations with a handmade feel (or going for full diy wedding invitations NZ themed!). 



Watercolour prints are another trend that has shown up on the wedding scene, with florals and pastels taking place of traditional white. Perfect to tie in with a wedding in the spring or summer time, soft watercolours look pretty and romantic, and set in an outdoor venue, with lush green surrounds and multi-coloured flower gardens, creates a dreamy wedding atmosphere. You can choose any colour palette for a watercolour theme, blue, green, purple, mauve, yellow, even mint coloured wedding invitations or blacks and greys. All your wedding stationery can follow a watercolour design, whether you want something bright and bold, or soft and muted. 


Add some shine to your wedding invitations with our Metallic print option

From gold and silver, through to touches of copper, pewter and bronze, metallic has always been a popular trend at weddings, as it looks classy and stylish as a finishing touch. It adds a bit of shimmer and sparkle detail, whether it’s silver lining on your wedding dress, gold tableware or metallic prints on your wedding invitations. We have a great selection of wedding invites that feature metallic details, including metallic lettering and foil invites. You can match the metallic on the invites to the metallic touches throughout the rest of your wedding. A little bit of sparkle can help to really set the tone of your wedding and get all your guests in the party mood.


Tie everything together with your NZ wedding invitations

No matter when trend or style you love, when planning all the aspects of your wedding you should always think to tie everything together with complementing details. All the finer details of your wedding should work together to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day, don’t ever think any detail is too small or just doesn’t matter that much, because on your wedding day it all matters!

Even your envelopes can match your wedding theme, with our new envelope liners now available. Envelopes are something that people rarely give much thought too, but instead of just plain envelopes, why not choose something that will add to the overall design? 

The designs available for your envelope liners include:

  • Floral

  • Striped

  • Marble

  • Tropical

The design of your envelope liners can match the theme of your wedding, and help pull everything together. Your loved ones will really enjoy the extra attention to detail, and it will ensure that your New Zealand wedding invites really stand out. 


Shop online

Browse our huge range from the very best independent designers to find something perfectly tailored for your event. Whether you’re after something inspired by a specific location, or looking to incorporate your cultural background with your current home, we’re the place to find what you’re looking for. Shopping your wedding invites online gives you a range of designs, print types, styles and prices to work with. Bonus, at Paperlust we offer free shipping anywhere in New Zealand, so we’re the best choice for people hunting down affordable options. 



New Zealand definitely hold their own when it comes to design, and NZ wedding invitation cards are no exception. At Paperlust we love supporting talented designers from both Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and helping you create the wedding stationery of your dreams. 


And if you need any help with wedding invitation wording on your NZ wedding invites, our friendly Paperlust team are happy to help!



Create the ultimate matching wedding invitations package

We have your back when it comes to the finer details, each of our designs comes with an entire wedding invitation suite - matching cards such as the Save the date, RSVP, Info Card, Belly Bands, and more will ensure you have all bases covered to creat the ultimate wedding invitations package.


Melbournian wedding invitation colour palette

Let's talk colour. We all know about Melbourne's winter obsession with black, which is cool, but this is your wedding and we say splash out with some colour. Browse Paperlust's amazing range of wedding invitations by colour.

But if you just love the monochrome palette too much, and that’s totally fine, this is Melbourne after all, then look through our collection of black and white wedding invitations for some great ideas. You could always brighten up black with subtle touches of metallic to make them stand out. 



Wedding Invitation Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to etiquette for wedding invitation. It is important to include the names of who is getting married, the date, and where the wedding will take place. After that, any other information can be given by word of mouth if necessary, through additional insert cards, or by directing your family and friends to your wedding website. If you’re still worried, we’ve rustled up a few simple Invitation Do’s and Don’ts to save you the stress.


DO: Proofread and be consistent in your language

Make sure the language is consistent throughout your invitation and card suite. The language might be as simple as choosing between colons or hyphens. But there’s also nothing worse than discovering a spelling error on the invitation when it comes back from the printer.

So, proofread! Get your mum to proofread! Make sure they double check it at the printer before it gets sent off! Double check and triple check.


DON’T: Include gift information on the invitation

Gift giving is a huge gesture for people to wish you well at the beginning of a new part of your life. It’s hard to let friends and family know you’re all set for crockery. While it might seem easiest to include a link to your registry on the invitation, wedding invitation etiquette dictates that you avoid this.

There a couple of ways of getting around cluttering your wedding invitation templates: include an additional closure card in your invitation suite, or you can always use word of mouth.


DO: Imply who is hosting through the language of the invitation

While a lot of people now throw their own weddings, it is still proper wedding invitation etiquette to include a host line. The host line lets guests know who to thank when they’re at the bottom of their second bottle of champagne. The easiest way to do this on the invitation is to say the parents of the bride or groom invite the guests to join them in the wedding of their children. For detailed examples, try here.


DON’T: Include a list of food and beverage to be served

The food list is unnecessary on the invitation itself. If it’s important to you that people know what food and drink will be served, you can include an additional enclosure card or place card, with the wedding menu. Or, you can always wait for the reception.


DO: Address guests by their name

Where you can, use full names and titles. It might seem strange to refer to your family friend as ‘Dr. Luke King’, but if your wedding is formal, wedding invitation etiquette is important. Hopefully you’re aware of the names of most of your guests, but if you’re not sure of the name of your cousin’s new girlfriend, ask your aunt. Worst comes to worst, address it your cousin and ‘guest’.

A simple, sleek invitation design often only includes the name of the bride and groom with the essential details. You can get around this by personalising the envelopes or even personalizing the RSVP cards.


DON’T: Say ‘adults only’ or ‘no children.'

This is a tricky one. It depends on the tone of conversation you want to set next time you’re talking to friends. A lot of people would suggest addressing wedding invitations to only the parents, which implies the children aren’t invited.

If you’re not sure this is enough to keep screaming toddlers away, consider talking to your friends and family. Mention that this is supposed to be a fun night out; a chance to temporarily hand the apron ties onto someone else.


DO: Give yourself and your guest's plenty of time

You can send save the date cards out six to eight months before the wedding. If you’re not so organised, it’s best to send out the wedding invitations six to eight weeks before the date. This gives your guests plenty of time to organise the details of getting there and away, and they can’t complain when you ask them to RSVP three to four weeks prior.

When do you send out the wedding invitations?

Normally 6-8 weeks before the big day is a good time to aim for. If you've got some specific circumstances (like a destination wedding or a wedding near a holiday) check out our guide on when to send wedding invitations for more information. 


DON’T: Forget to give information for how to RSVP

Make it clear if you want a quick text message, an official RSVP on a return piece of card or a response to an e-invitation. If people haven’t got back to you by the RSVP date, you can rest assured it isn’t because they didn’t know-how.

DO: Get wedding invitation examples

Get printed examples of wedding invitations in a sample pack from your wedding stationery so that you know what to expect when purchasing your wedding invitations. You can sometimes also request that you get an example of the wedding invitation design that you specifically want or created depending on your supplier. Getting a wedding invitation example is important so that you can not only check the paper and print type, you will be able to see if your fonts, colours and design is legible.


How to address wedding invitations?

If you are looking for advice on how to address things like different kinds of names, how to address the couple as well as plus ones or not, and other unique circumstances, we have written an excellent article here on how to address wedding invitations.



What is the best wedding invitations size option?

Our Standard Wedding Invitations size is 178mm x 127mm (5 x 7 inches) and this is the typical wedding invitation card size most in the industry use. We also have a Square wedding invitation size in 147mm x 147mm (5.78 x 5.78 inches).

Our invitation envelopes sizes are slightly bigger than the invitation. Save the date card and complementary card sizes such as the Information card commonly come in a smaller 140mm  x 107mm (5.51 x 4.21 inches).

Our formats are prepared for print, however, our save the date cards can be provided in a PDF invitation format. Our standard invitations are square-edged, we also die-cut shapes such as arch, half arch, 14-degree angle, and circles. 

How do I upload my own wedding invitation design?

If you have your own wedding invitation design or you would like a specific wedding invitation size you can supply your finished artwork to use on our page here to get a custom quote, here you can specify the quantity needed, any print type and envelopes you would like from our range.


How to assemble wedding invitations?

This is one of the questions we get asked all the time at Paperlust so here is your definitive guide to how to assemble or how to stuff wedding invitations in the right order. We have written a great article here on how to stuff & assemble wedding invitations.


Where to get wedding invitations near me?

Printing wedding invitations

Paperlust uses overnight shipping in Australia and can ship globally within 2-7 business days depending on your location. If your looking to print wedding invitations near me we also offer a printing-only service, click here to get a quote.

If you are local, you are welcome to make an appointment in our Oakleigh South store to discuss wedding invitations and other types of stationery. Or if your looking for custom wedding invitations near me, we can also create a custom design - click here to get a quote. When looking into wedding invitations printing near me you should take into account what kind of premium shipping options the vendor can dispatch with, with paperlust we ship using DHL's premium service worldwide providing one of the best experiences worldwide.

Create wedding invitations

If you have created your own wedding invitation design or if you can’t find anything you like, Paperlust offers design and print only services. Simply fill out this form with your ideas, inspiration, the type of paper and print types you are interested in and someone will get back to you with a quote.


COVID Wedding Invites

Worried about COVID throwing a spanner in the works for your wedding invites? Want to find covid wedding invites wording? Look no further we have included a guide here in this article.

Best Wedding Invitations - Quality wedding invitation cards now available online

All of our wedding invitations are quality assured. Produced in-house in Melbourne, we quality check our prints three times before they are dispatched to you. Many large online printers may offer the cheapest price, however they take little id no care when it comes to the quality of their paper stocks, printing or packaging. At Paperlust we pride ourselves on our quality wedding invitations, triple checked for assurance and with a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t believe us, have a look at the hundreds of five star reviews online from our happy customers

When it comes to wedding invitations, and all manner of design, Australia has a lot to offer, our designers have their own distinctive aesthetic to create unique designs that you are bound to love.  

We love Australian quality printed products, and we hope that after looking through our beautiful range of wedding invitations that you will too. And even better? Our cards aren't just for Aussies. We ship event and wedding invitations to the UK, USA, Canada and almost every other country around the world, and we even have styles suitable for fall wedding invitations. Sure, you'll find our vintage wedding invitations in Brunswick and our contemporary wedding invitations in Wetherill Park, but you'll also find our floral wedding invitations in South Africa and our greenery wedding invitations in Ireland. There's truly something for everyone and every place at Paperlust. 

Paperlust uses overnight shipping in Australia and can ship globally within 2-7 business days depending on your location. If you are local, you are welcome to make an appointment in our Oakleigh South store to discuss wedding invitations and other types of stationery.


Wedding invitation ideas

We understand that every wedding is important, unique and supposed to be a special moment that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, every detail of the wedding, from the start of the wedding planning to the day it finally comes true, has to be carefully planned and executed. The first stage of designing a wedding consists of ideation process, mood boards, discussions and research. In most cases, this stage is the most exhausting as it needs a lot of brainstorming and research sessions together with your partner. It can last up to two months or can be as quick as three days if you both quickly agree to one theme or find something in between your two preferences. It is the first stage of your wedding preparation, so be passionate!

The same thing happens when you are researching wedding invitations ideas in the early stage of your planning. To find those unique ideas from lots of brilliant ideas, themes and styles out there is never a piece of cake. Trust us, as we have dealt with thousands of brides to be, they all share the same opinion with us. However, it doesn't mean that the journey of finding invitation ideas for wedding dreams is exhausting and boring. Instead, it is a wonderful journey as you travel through a lot of completely different ideas for wedding invitations, from playing with colours, keeping it minimalist with the use of sans serif fonts, to incorporate romantic handwritten names with a watercolour sketch of the flowers of your wedding bouquet. Now give us a few minutes just to explain a bit more about wedding invitation ideas you can adopt. 


Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect ideas for your wedding invitations is by incorporating your wedding venue in it. We believe that each type of venue has its own characteristic, vibes and every one of each has led you and your partner to finally choose one by heart. There is no such thing as the best wedding venue, or the best place to take your vow, other than the one that your hearts lead to. Choosing wedding invitation ideas based on where the ceremony is being held, is one of the methods which people used the most. If you are having a beach wedding, there is a high chance that you won’t opt for backyard or countryside illustrations. For a beach wedding, you would want to perfectly capture the hints in your wedding invitations by using some touches of blue, or maybe tropical trees and sea creatures. Even though your ceremony doesn’t have a clear blue sky and turquoise ocean in the background, having the ocean breeze surrounding you will be enough to call your wedding a beach wedding. Think of a laid-back, sunny day with refreshing drinks and colorful dress. Feel free to use bold or vibrant colors as no one ever said it has to be all blue! Take a look at our beach inspired designs here.


Elegant wedding invitation ideas

The next way to choose wedding invitation ideas is by how you portray the vibe of the special day. Are you thinking of a laid back cocktail party with a DJ or a formal dress-up reception in a nice restaurant? Try to picture yourself in both styles of events and try to decide which one you would favor more. Of course you have to get your partner doing the same thing and then discuss which style you guys want to go ahead with. If the formal reception style has been chosen, choosing the perfect ideas for your wedding invitations will be so much easier. For formal events, think of elegant wedding invitations with some delicate script fonts, black and white overall theme and use a bold coloured envelope as statement and to balance the overall look of the wedding invitations suite. Find some inspiration from our elegant style designs here.


Cute wedding invitations ideas

Now we get to the fun side! Think of the day you spent with your partner, that young playful love that just made everyone shout ‘Oh you guys are such a lovey-dovey couple!’. You might have met your partner in an awkward encounter but that was what makes it so special now that you two are getting married soon. There is nothing wrong with exposing the fun and cute relationship you both share by having a playful and cute wedding invitations. Try to play with vibrant colours, cute illustrations or insert some funny puns! We know every story is unique and deserves to be told, so why don’t share it with your guests? Get them giggling as they open your invitations and read through each line. For more cute wedding invites - Check out these designs for inspiration.


Online wedding invitations with RSVP

Another clever idea on wedding invitations is how to turn it into a practical card with all information in one sheet. We understand that having to print a lot of supporting cards is costly and sometimes can be a waste of paper if you don’t have a lot of information to write on each paper. That’s why Paperlust is terrified to introduce all in one invitations. All in One wedding invitations are perfect for couples who want a stylish customized wedding invitation that is simple to create, looks fabulous and is also really affordable. Also known as all-in-one wedding invitations or tri fold wedding invitations, these gorgeous creations are a popular choice for modern couples with busy lifestyles. You can choose to have a perforated RSVP section included on the all in one wedding invitations. You can include your RSVP details straight to the third section of the trifold and add a special finishing e.g perforated RSVP section to allow your wedding guests to tear off the RSVP card and send it back via mail while keeping the other details they need. All in one wedding invitations with a perforated RSVP card is a great way to keep your budget low and simplify your entire wedding invitation suite in an effective way. Seal and send wedding invitations with tear off RSVPs can also be folded into that artistic triangle shape to sit on a flat surface.



Wedding invitation sets

Paperlust offers wedding invitations packages so that you can create your dream wedding invitation suite. You can pick and choose the types of cards you would like in your wedding invitations kits and are not limited to just wedding invitations and save the date packages. Mix and match wedding invitations with RSVP cards or any type of on the day stationery such as place cards, menus or wedding welcome signs for further down the track. Simply use the Paperlust quick view tool to see the additional cards to add to the wedding invitation bundle and if you can’t find a card you want, simply message the support team and a designer will create it for you. Create a wedding invitation set of three types of cards of more and automatically be eligible for a 15% discount.

Customizable Wedding Invitations UK


Couples in the UK can get personalized wedding invitations shipped express to them! Browse through our huge range of designs from traditional wedding invitations to modern wedding invitations so suit the UK wedding invitations styles. Mix and match different print types to suit all types of budgets, alter the foil color from silver to rose gold or get a designer to change the typeface on your selected design. Take advantage of our wedding bundle discounts and get all your wedding stationery like matching save the dates, wishing wells, place cards, menus delivered at the same time. Paperlust express ships luxury wedding invitations to the UK and there are no shipping fees for orders over $300USD.


Need More? Wedding Invitation Etiquette Q&A

If the etiquette surrounding wedding invitations is leaving you bewitched, bothered and bewildered, you’re not alone. This Q&A was designed to help you navigate the unspoken rules surrounding your wedding invitations: who to invite, wedding invitation timing, wedding invitation wording examples, more formal wedding invitation wording, and some of the other delicate situations accompanying this part of the wedding process.

The guest-list: Who to invite

We had a large engagement party, but are opting for a more intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Would it be rude not to invite everyone who attended our engagement party to our wedding?

Some may consider it rude to invite guests to your engagement party, but not your wedding. That’s because engagement party is a gift-giving occasion, and most guests will present you with a gift to help kick-start your new life together.

Having said that, always remember that it’s a very personal choice who you invite to your wedding, and only you can determine what’s appropriate. As with most things in life, your gut feeling should never be overlooked.


Should we allow 'single' guests to invite a date?

If you’re like most, this will surely be one of the most hotly debated questions you’ll face in your wedding planning. Accommodating your 'single' guests is considered a nice gesture, but not a necessity. If you need to manage your numbers carefully, one approach is to exclude “plus ones” for all single family and friends, but make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. One exception might be your wedding party. Also, 'single' guests in long-term relationships should be treated as married couples, and both should be invited.


Should we invite work colleagues to our wedding? Is inviting my boss “a must”?

There is nothing set in stone about inviting your work colleagues to your wedding. If you hang out with your colleagues outside of work, you’ll probably want to invite them as you would any other friend. If you are in a situation where you would be inviting all or most of your colleagues minus your boss, it may be better to have one extra guest, than to offend someone you have to see on a daily basis.


How do we cut our wedding guest list down?

This is an age-old dilemma that most brides and grooms must face to keep their budgets in check. It’s always fun to create your list, but always excruciating to start trimming it down. One helpful tip is to create two lists – one for the “must-invites” and the second list for all the rest.

From there, here are some ideas for trimming the second list: Don’t feel obligated to invite people who invited you to their wedding; don’t allow every guest to bring a “plus one”; if you wouldn’t call the friend upon visiting their town, you don’t need to invite them to your wedding; if your potential guest has never met your future spouse, you can probably skip inviting that person; for co-workers, ask yourself, “would I be friends with this person if we didn’t work together?” There’s no official wedding invitation etiquette rules about who to invite, so you’ll have to sit down with your fiance (and your parents, if they’re hosting), and work out what relationships are like and who is likely to be offended. Again, trust your own intuition.



Destination wedding

Does a casual beach ceremony with some Hawaiian sand between your toes sound good to you? Or maybe an intimate little gathering nestled in the Tuscan hills? For many people, a destination wedding is a dream come true, so why say no just because you’re worried about offending a few people? Your guests will understand and it can often suit everyone to just wait until you get home (even after your honeymoon) to celebrate at a big wedding reception. Win, win!

If you and your fiancé come from different parts of the world, wedding reception invitations can be perfect. You can plan a big party later on for the friends and family who couldn’t make it to the actual wedding. And hey, there’s no law against whipping your dress out a second time! Come on, you know you want to.


Registry Office

Sick of all the pressure associated with a traditional ceremony? Going to the registry office with your love in a cute dress (or jeans) and a couple of witnesses is the ultimate fuss-free way to tie the knot. The ceremony and wedding reception may even be months apart if the registry office ceremony is coupled with a destination wedding reception that guests need time to save up for. If you are having your registry office ceremony and reception wedding the same day, it is up to you whether you mention the ceremony on your invitation.



Sneaking off to elope is an exciting way to avoid all the hassle, but our only caution is to be mindful of close family members like parents, and whether excluding them will cause tension.

Does an elopement have to be top secret? Although historically they were kept strictly on the down low, these days many couples do announce it on a reception only invitation (the first example listed in the section below) or invite a few people. It’s up to you; just don’t forget your two witnesses!


Separate invitations vs ceremony cards

There are two ways to do your reception only invitations: two separate invites (one for guests coming to both parts of the wedding and one for the reception only, on this card you can list out the order of wedding reception), or just a reception invitation (with a ceremony card included for certain guests). While the first option might be what couples think of first, using ceremony cards for relevant guests can be more practical because it means you only have to print one main invitation design.

If you are looking for wedding reception invitations templates, the great thing is that you can just choose any wedding invitation and customise the wording. Voila!


Wedding reception invitations wording

The key to nailing the wording on your reception only invitations is to make the ceremony sound like no big deal and your reception sound like the party of the year. In a less formal invitation you can really emphasise how much you want them there.


For example:

Kelly and Brian 

Have eloped 

But it wouldn’t be 

A party 

Without you there 

To celebrate!


Please join us for 

Dinner, drinks and dancing 

Friday 28 September 2018 

At 7pm 

Mt Duneed Estate 

65 Pettavel Rd 

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216


Do we mention the ceremony or not?

While some feel the need to mention that the ceremony was indeed small and intimate (to smooth any ruffled feathers), others think it is more tactful to leave it out entirely. It’s your call. If you would prefer the second option but think some guests may not be able to read between the lines, you can casually mention the ‘small ceremony’ in conversation, or via text or email, focussing on how excited you are to celebrate with them at the reception. Another way to be clear but tactful would be to mention the ceremony in small print at the bottom of your invitation (above the RSVP details), or listing the ceremony as a separate occasion and not providing any details so that guests understand they are only invited to the reception. 


Example of invitation mentioning the ceremony (informal):


Kelly and Brian 

Said ‘I do’ in a private ceremony 

On Saturday 3 February 2018 

They would love you to join them 

For dinner, some bubbles and little dancing 

At a reception celebrating their love 

Saturday 24 February 2018 

At 7pm 

Mt Duneed Estate 

65 Pettavel Rd 

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216


Invitation not mentioning the ceremony (formal): 


Kelly and Brian 

Together with their families 

Request the honour of your presence  

At a wedding reception celebrating  

Their recent marriage 

On Saturday the twenty-fourth of February 

Two thousand and eighteen 

At seven o’clock in the evening 

Mt Duneed Estate 

65 Pettavel Rd 

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216


No matter your reason for choosing reception only invitations, stick to your guns. You made the decision for a reason and it is sure to be a beautiful, meaningful ceremony. We have a range of luxurious designs that are fully customisable using our online design tool, so get shopping!


Wedding Invitation Card Timing


When do we need to send out save-the-date cards and wedding invitation cards?

Save-the-date cards can go out six to eight months before the wedding.

Ideally, wedding invites should be sent out six to eight weeks in advance. For destination weddings, it’s best to give guests three months so they can clear their schedules and make travel arrangements.


How far in advance should guests be requested to RSVP to the Wedding Invitation Card?

Make your RSVP date three weeks in advance of the wedding. Seating arrangements, catering numbers and other details may depend on your final RSVP list.


How early in advance should we send out the wedding rehearsal invitations?

The wedding rehearsal invitations can be sent out as early four weeks in advance.


What is the proper way to word the request or host line on a wedding invitation when it’s not the traditional case of the bride’s parents hosting?

This tends to be one of the trickier parts of invitation wording – as modern weddings are hosted by an array of different parties. Check out our post on the wording of the various hosting situations here.


Does the wedding invitation host line need to coincide with who paid for the wedding?

Not necessarily. Hosting can be used in a flexible manner – parents can be hosts in the traditional way (they planned and paid for the wedding), or in a more honorary sense.


How do we communicate that we are not inviting children to our wedding?

Despite the second-guessing, you might get from friends with kids, it’s perfectly acceptable (and common) to have an adults-only wedding. If you have children in the ceremony, you can opt to have a babysitter come to take care of the kiddies during the reception.

To make your intentions clear on the wedding invite, you can write “Adult Reception” at the bottom right of your invitation. The wedding website is also a good place to clarify and to inform guests that you’ll be providing a childcare service for their convenience if you go down that route.

If guests send in their reply card with the children’s names written in, the onus is on you to give them a call to clarify that you’re having an adult-only wedding.


How do we make it clear that we are not inviting each guest to bring a “plus one”?

Ah, this old sticky chestnut! You can do your best to communicate “no plus one” on your wedding invitation, but more likely than not, you’ll have to have some conversations with particular guests to clarify. You’ll likely have your set of rules around who can and cannot bring a guest.


A few ideas for wedding invitation wording:

On your invitation:

(Insert number) seat(s) reserved in your honour


____ of 1 guests will attend


Write out each invitee's name on the invite, followed by _____ accepts or _____ declines


On your wedding website:

Include a wedding FAQ that reads, “Can I bring a date?” Your A can read, “Not unless we know them well. Our dream wedding is an intimate one, where we can celebrate with our closest friends and family. Thank you for understanding.”


Emphasise the venue size: “Due to the intimate nature of our venue, we are limited in the number of people we can host. We are therefore requesting that you not bring a guest so that our closest friends and family can attend.”


How do we communicate that our wedding is formal, even though the venue is casual?

Include your wedding dress code on the lower right-hand corner of the invite (i.e. cocktail attire, black-tie, etc.) You can include more specifics on your wedding website. Click here for more examples for more formal wedding invitation wording.


How do we invite guests to the ceremony but not the reception?

While it’s somewhat common in Australia to invite some guests to the ceremony-only, it’s important to handle it right, so feelings and friendships don’t get hurt. Your formal wedding invitations should only be sent to guests who are invited to both the ceremony and the reception. Ceremony-only guests can be invited in a more casual manner (i.e. in person, with a phone call or email) – express regret that you can’t invite everyone you want to the reception, but that you’d love to share your special moment with them if they join you for the ceremony.

Can we include our wedding registry details on our invitation or save-the-date?

While etiquette rules certainly change as time goes on, it’s still considered impolite to include your wedding registry details on your invitation or save-the-date. A wedding website is a good way to communicate where you are registered.


Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Everyone knows weddings can be one of the most expensive events of your life, so money is often on your mind when you start wedding planning. Wedding invitations can be one of the bigger purchases you make at this early stage, so it’s understandable if you’re looking for a cheaper way of doing things and trying to find wedding invitations on a budget. Everyone knows if you're on a budget it's not the time to shop for the most premium or unique options, or to find the most high-end letterpress pocket wedding invitations, but what are your options? You're not stuck with second rate diy printable wedding invitations are you? You can still get something beautiful right? We say, of course! Your choices are: 

Find wedding invitations online cheap

Many people choose to look for wedding invitations online cheap to keep to their budget, which is a great idea depending how you go about it. The best way to do this is to find a reputable stationery provider online and look for their cheapest product offerings, rather than finding a cheap, too-good-to-be-true invitation company.

Choosing wedding invitation print type and paper wisely

If you’re on a budget, focus on finding good quality basic digital print wedding invitations. Print types like letterpress wedding invitations, print on wood and foil stamping are usually significantly more expensive than digital print. While you can sometimes find premium print options being offered online for cheap, there’s a huge risk that you will not get what you order. Be careful anytime someone online is offering something at ridiculously low prices. If you do choose a reputable company, you can usually select the cheapest paper and print options without fear that they will be cheap and nasty. A luxury invitation business would not be offering the product unless it was of a certain standard.

How to make wedding invitations - Online wedding invitations templates and DIY wedding invites

If you have time to spare, you might opt for online wedding invitations templates, downloaded and printed out on your own. This takes time and requires you to find and purchase your own paper, ink, envelopes and other supplies. Templates may be available free or can be purchased from designers. With some careful shopping around for supplies and a little bit of DIY know-how, this can be a good way to save a little bit of money. That said, though, professional online wedding invitation printing companies have wholesalers and supply chains that allow them to get discounts on a lot of products and supplies, so make sure you have a plan that goes beyond ‘I can do it myself cheaper.’ We have written a great article here on the pro's and cons when asking How to make wedding invitations.


Wedding invitations with RSVP 

There are a few different ways to present your wedding invitations and rsvp especially if you are on a tighter budget. The most traditional way is to get the rsvp printed on a smaller separate card and include it with the wedding invitations. It is ideal to follow this wedding invitation rsvp etiquette if you have elder guests who are not technology savvy. Otherwise, you could print the rsvp details on (or on the back of) the wedding invites, supply the appropriate contact information and the due-by date and check that it does not clutter the rest of the wedding invitation. The other cost-effective option is to direct your guests to a wedding website for their rsvp and dietary requirements, not only will your website be just for RSVPing, you can also upload your gifts and other little wedding details which saves you from getting extra printed cards.


How much do wedding invitations cost?

The average cost of wedding invitations can vary widely, anywhere from $1 to $30 per invite depending on the design, size, printing process, paper type, and quantity. Top of the line, exotic paper stocks, and formal printing techniques like letterpress and foil stamping will add to your wedding invitations costs, as well as extra accessories such as envelope liners, customized stickers, additional cards, and belly bands.




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