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1920s Wedding Invitations

The Roaring Twenties was a truly iconic era for fashion, lifestyle, manufacturing and music - a time period that has left us all fascinated. If you’re enchanted with the freedom and innovation of the decade, 1920s themed wedding invitations might be your style. 

If you’re interested in 1920s inspired wedding invitations, you might also like art deco wedding invitations and vintage wedding invitations. However you choose to interpret 1920s style wedding invitations, make sure you add some of your personality into the design and wedding invitation wording to really make it sound like you. To shake things up, you may want to include references to The Great Gatsby, prohibition or jazz in whichever format you like (i.e. a poem). 

1920s wedding invitations can be minimalist or avant garde and often feature design elements like gold foil stamping and repetitive or geometric patterns. For your wedding invitations 1920s style, there are endless ways to personalise the card.

For affordable 1920s wedding invitations ideas, consider skipping the gold foil and directing guests to a wedding website in lieu of printed RSVP cards. While many engaged couples think DIY vintage 1920s wedding invitations are the way to go, they can often end up being more time consuming and expensive than they’re worth. Stick with the professionals and you’ll get the right price as well as peace of mind.