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Save the Date New Zealand. Save the Date Invitations

Save the date for your next majestic New Zealand wedding with Australia’s newest online print independent invitation design community, open to talented New Zealand designers to join.

Our save the date cards design have been created to perfectly suit New Zealand weddings with Formal, Funny, Rustic and Winery themed designs to suit all New Zealand wedding themes, seasons and personalities.

Paperlust has worked closely with our print in supply chain to bring high end print styles such as Letterpress, Foil Stamp and Letterpress & Foil combos, at competitive rates. We offer a range of unique colours for foil including Black, Gold and Silver foil ranges just to mention a few.

Once you have saved the date, also see our other ranges of card types wedding invitations, engagement invitations, thank you cards and wishing well.

All Paperlust orders come with complimentary premium white envelopes and express shipping to all New Zealand locations including New Zealand.