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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Unique Birthday Invitation Cards & Party Invitation Cards

Although we here at Paperlust know we could never create an invitation as truly unique as the party you’re having, our unique birthday and party invitations come as close as they can get! These incredibly unique designs like the beautiful birthday invitations, pretty birthday invites, cute birthday party invitations and unique birthday invitations allow you to send your friends and family an invite that immediately says it’s from you and it’s time to party. These incredible local cards, from unique locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth and Christchurch are styled for your taste and are ready to make your event truly unique from start to finish.

If you love one of our designs, but want to add a little more of your own touch, you can further personalize your birthday invitations unique style by choosing one of our other available colour schemes beige birthday invitations, multi colored birthday invites, gold birthday party invitations and green birthday invitation cards or even print types digital cards, foil stamp, photo card printing and print on wood. Paperlust even allows you to take your newly personalized unique birthday card design and create more products for a party, or even everyday use wedding invitations, rsvp cards, christmas cards and baby announcement. You cannot find a better selection of unique invitations anywhere else but Paperlust.