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The Challenge


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Paperlust is pregnant!

Okay, well not exactly. But we are about to introduce a range of baby shower invitations and birth announcement cards to our website. Our latest design challenge, What to Expect, gives you the opportunity to be one of the first designers featured for this range. 

Better get clucky! Entries close 18.07.2016


Challenge guidelines

- Digital print only

- Work off templates found in the designer kit

- Work using photos found in the designer kit

- Save files as high quality JPEGs for submission

Download the designer kit for more details


Required cards;

- 1x baby shower card

- 1x birth announcement card

How to enter;

- Download the designer kit and follow it’s instructions

- Submit your designs through the What to Expect design challenge 

- You will be notified when voting opens

- Support other creatives by voting on their designs


 The Winners receive:

- 1st place will receive 15% commission on every sale for an entire year and professional photography of their set

- 2nd & 3rd places will receive 12% commission on every sale for an entire year 

- Runner up designs, will be listed on Paperlust for sale as featured designs


 Need Help?

- Designer FAQs

- Email

- Inspiration; Pinterest boards 


Submissions Open - 05.07.2016

Closed for Submissions - 18.07.2016

Voting Opens - 19.07.2016

Voting Closes - 02.08.2016

runners up

Designs that got loads of support and votes, and will be listed for sale on Paperlust...
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design winner
Forest Animals
by Katie Addison
what to expect
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