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Vintage Design Challenge

Competition was closed

the challenge

Vintage designs never go out of fashion.

The Challenge

Vintage designs never go out of fashion. Whether it's the cursive nature of 1940's glamour, or the golden touch of that old world art deco charm, vintage invites will always be admired. As with any wedding, guests first set eyes on its timeless style through the all important invitations. 

Challenge guidelines

- Design for digital and letterpress

- Work off templates found in the designer kit

- Save files as high quality JPEGs for submission

Download the designer kit for more details

Download the designer kit for more details

Required cards;

- Save the Date card

- Main wedding invitation

- RSVP card

How to enter;

- Download the designer kit and follow it’s instructions

- Submit your designs through the Vintage Design Challenge page

- You will be notified when voting opens

- Support other creatives by voting on their designs

 The Winners receive:

- 1st place will receive 15% commission on every sale for an entire year and professional photography of their set

-2nd & 3rd places will receive 12% commission on every sale for an entire year 

-Runner up designs, will be listed on Paperlust for sale as featured designs

 Need Help?

- Designer FAQs

- Email

- Inspiration; Pinterest boards 


Submissions Open - 17 March 2016

Closed for Submissions - 31 March 2016

Voting Opens - 01 April 2016

Voting Closes - 15 April 2016

Winner Announced - 16 April 2016


Submit your design for voting or upload a draft to get community feedback before submitting your final design
Competition was closed.
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