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entries close 25.02.2017

the challenge

The Challenge


There’s something fun about celebrating another year of life, whether it’s your second or your eighty-second. Cake, presents, laughter and the chance to spend time with people you love? Yes please! Channel those good vibes for this birthday invitation design challenge.


Entries close; 25.02.2017


Challenge guidelines 

- Work off templates found in the designer kit

- Save files as high quality JPEGs for submission

Download the designer kit for more details


Required cards;

- 2 Birthday invitations

How to enter;

- Download the designer kit and follow it’s instructions

- Submit your designs through the design challenge page

- You will be notified when voting opens

- Support other creatives by voting on their designs


 The Winners receive:


- 1st place will receive 15% commission on every sale for an entire year and professional photography of their designs

- 2nd & 3rd places will receive 12% commission on every sale for an entire year 

- Runner up designs, will be listed on Paperlust for sale as featured designs


 Need Help?

- Designer FAQs

- Email

- Inspiration; Pinterest boards 


Submissions Open - 11.02.2017

Closed for Submissions - 25.02.2017

Voting Opens - 26.02.2017

Voting Closes - 12.03.2017

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