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Photo Thank You Cards

There’s always plenty to be thankful for in this life, but sometimes there are even more things to be thankful for than usual. When people have been doing nice things for you - giving you gifts or helping you out - it’s a good idea to express your thanks in a tangible form, with a thank you card. One of the most personal ways to do this is with photo thank you cards

Thank you photo cards may include a photograph of you, your family, or another photo of your choice. Personalized photo cards allow you to add an extra layer of meaning to your thank you note. You might use a photo of you and your friend together, or a photo of a meaningful place or object to the two of you (a beach you used to holiday at together, or a gift they gave you). 

Some of the most common types of thank you photo cards include:

Wedding thank you cards

Wedding photography thank you cards are most people’s first experience with photo thank you cards. Since you got all dolled up and had professional photos taken, it makes sense to include one of your favourite pics on the thank you card. Sending a thank you photo not only lets your guests reminisce on the wonderful day, but also gives them something to pop on their fridge to look at for months and years to come. 


Newborn or baby shower thank you cards

If you’ve just had a baby, a photo thank you card can be the perfect way to say thanks for any gifts, support and visits from friends and family members. They’ll be eager for pics of the baby, so custom photo postcards can be a great choice. For an extra personal touch, use a picture of them holding the baby, or a photo of the baby wearing or using the gift they gave. 


Birthday thank you cards

Thank you cards with photograph personalisation are perfect for thank you cards after a big birthday celebration. Send your guests a photo of you and them during the celebrations, or a group photo, or just a photo that represents the day (perhaps a photo of the cake or cocktails or balloons). 

Photo cards can also be perfect for other purposes besides thank you cards. One of the most popular choices is a custom photo christmas card, themed around the holiday or the new year. Find up to the minute photo christmas cards 2016 and beyond, with all the latest trends. Browse our range of different photo cards online to find one that works for your occasion or event.