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White Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

Australia’s leading wedding stationer Paperlust is the best place to discover white wedding invitation collections by independent designers. If colour is your design driver a white wedding invitation is a really awesome way to brighten up your stationery. White works incredibly well across a large range of print types. A white wedding invitation is incredible when paired with digital printing, and offers your guests an insight into the event you will be throwing on your wedding day.

When looking for your perfect white wedding invitation make sure you consider the style you want to showcase on your big day. If you are planning a geometric styled ceremony, then white could go a long way to setting the design tone for the day. And if you would like to complete the stationery set with a thank you card or a wishing well we have Australia’s best design talent all in one place who have created matching cards to meet all your ceremony and pre and post event needs.

We make sure we have the best designs at Paperlust by selecting the best design talent from all over New Zealand and Australia including Tauranga. This means we have the best selection of local talent all under one roof including the best white wedding invitation designs. And if the best designers aren’t enough to get you over the line, how about free envelopes, free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee that makes Paperlust Australia’s favourite wedding stationery provider.