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Whimsical Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is something dreamed of for years (maybe even decades). Foster the fantasy with whimsical wedding invitations that take your breath away. While romantic whimsical wedding invitations can feature various design elements from foliage or polka dots to gold foil or geometric designs, the idea behind them is that they transport and inspire you - and your guests! Whimsical rustic wedding invitations or country wedding invitations can be a great idea for those planning an outdoor wedding. To truly transport your guests, consider destination wedding invitations with a whimsical design.

Whether it’s green whimsical wedding invitations, wedding invitations whimsical lavender style or whimsical garden wedding invitations, every design at Paperlust is customisable so you can adjust it to fit your day, venue, theme or personality. Browse our whimsical themed wedding invitation templates to find your perfect match.