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Personalized Wedding Invitations

Since your wedding celebrations are all about you and your love (and partying down with friends and family!) it makes sense to want your wedding invitations to reflect you perfectly. Personalized wedding invitations let you get exactly what you want to represent you and your day. 

There are a number of different ways to get wedding invitations personalized. We make it super easy at Paperlust, regardless of how you want to approach it. So whether you’re wanting to just make some slight changes, or create your own brand new design, we are here to help. If you want something original but are running dry on inspiration, scroll through some of our wedding invitation designs and get those creative juices flowing. Instagram and Pinterest can also be a lifesaver when it comes to sparking those initial ideas. Don’t forget to screenshot those images because we may need them to use as a reference later!


Personalizing a wedding invitation design

Every invitation design on Paperlust is completely customisable using our super intuitive online design tool. Not only can you add in your own details and information, you can move around and edit design elements with our drag, drop, resize and delete tools. It’s all easy and lets you make changes in real time: no ticking boxes and crossing your fingers that it all comes back looking okay. After your purchase, one of our professional designers will take a look and make sure everything is neatly lined up, then send you a final proof to approve before print. If you have difficulty making any changes on site pre-purchase, make a note at purchase and our designers can help you get everything right. 

This is a great example of how ordering personalized wedding invitations online don’t have to be expensive. You get control to make changes without paying a cent more: the best way to get cheap personalized wedding invitations. 

You can undo, redo and preview your work before making your final decisions/edits and sending it off. This way you can get exactly what you want, and you’re not taking risks that someone else will interpret your instructions differently to the expectation of your mind’s eye. If you feel you are short on time (or maybe skill) or just can’t make the edits you want on the DIY tool, you can add a special request to your edits. If getting to a PC is a problem, you can send a request from your smartphone of the information and changes you want included and we’ll take it from there. Don’t worry, we want you to be happy so the final say is always yours! If you’re short on cash because you’ve just dropped a deposit on your venue (we know that most of your wedding budget is going there!), we offer Afterpay as a way to get those designs to the printers within the wedding timeline.


Custom wedding invitation designs

If you can’t find a design you love on our site, why not design your own wedding invitations? We can create one for you from scratch thanks to our custom design service. Opting for ‘create your own wedding invitations’ can be a fun way to let your creative side flow and blow off some of that wedding stress. We all have dreams of what we want our wedding to be like. Don’t settle for something that’s only in the ballpark. Hit a home run and make your own wedding invitations the most unique wedding invitations your friends have ever seen. We don’t claim to have thought of every idea out there and we are happy to hear yours!

Work with our professional designers to create an invitation that perfectly reflects you in every way, and that is entirely unique to you. To get your custom wedding invitations started, we’ll need some inspiration and all the details of colour, print type and quantities. Follow this link to get in touch with us about your custom invitations and request a quote.


Your personal touch - Personalized Invitations

So what does scream ‘you’? How are your personalized wedding invitations going to characterise you and your partner? Maybe you have a diverse range of interests and are finding it difficult to narrow it down. 

Here are some ideas you may not have thought of:

  • Rustic wedding invitations
  • Vintage wedding invitations
  • Beach wedding invitations
  • Fall wedding invitations
  • Formal wedding invitations
  • Traditional wedding invitations
  • Destination wedding invitations
  • Photo wedding invitations
  • Fun wedding invitations
  • Christian wedding invitations
  • Creative wedding invitations
  • Tri fold wedding invitations
  • Fancy wedding invitations

You can even combine some of these ideas, like a fun destination wedding with a photo of you two on the front, or fall invitations with a trifold design. Paperlust already have a range of vintage and rustic invitations, as well as rustic wedding invitation templates for you to customise--these themes have been recent trends. Wedding invitations with specific pictures are something that we couldn’t possibly already have as a template, and your custom wedding invitations can’t get more personal than that. No doubt your loved ones (especially parents and grandparents) would love to see a beautiful couple photo of you two up on the fridge! Our custom wedding invitations are also popular with those who are looking for pop culture themed wedding invitations (like Disney themed wedding invitations or something that pays homage to a hobby that brought you both together). 


Belly bands, envelope liners and other touches

There are other opportunities to express yourself with your wedding invitations without making changes to the invitation design itself. Your choice of envelope colour and use of extras like envelope liners and belly bands can add a more personal feel to your invites. Belly bands can be customised with your initials, names or any other words or letters you choose, and you can select the right pattern or colour of envelope liner for you. You can also include the guest’s name and table number. Because we love efficiency, you can import your guest list from Microsoft Excel to save precious time and effort (you should be spending time on the fun stuff!). All these features and more are available on Paperlust because we understand how important it is for every aspect of your big day to feel personal.

After the fact, you can also order personalized postage stamps for wedding invitations that feature your own photograph or image. Using a personalized stamp for wedding invitations is the icing on top of your other personalization choices. 

You may need to go away and have a think after hearing all the mind boggling options that are available to you. Our tips to you on how to make your own wedding invitations are simple:

1. Keep it simple - pick one or two personalized elements to your invitation; this will avoid it looking tacky or confusing

2. Let us do all the hard work - no DIY papercuts, glue and scissors for you!