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Christian Wedding Invitations

Religious wedding invitations can take many forms and Christian wedding invitations are one of the most popular. Whether you’re after modern wedding invitations with a Christian twist (think a simple gold foil cross or Bible quote) or on a budget and need cheap Christian wedding invitations, Paperlust has got you covered. Shopping for Christian wedding invitations online gives you more options to choose from as well as more control over your customisation. Online Christian wedding invitations are so convenient - you can shop in your PJ’s with a coffee or while you get other wedding tasks done.

If you’re stuck on the wording for Christian wedding invitations, check out our Christian wedding invitations wording samples, modifying it to your specific style and day. Many Christian wedding invites include scripture verses or Christian quotes. If you’re creative, you could even write your own poem. Take a look at our suggestions and experiment to find the wording that sounds just right to you and your partner.