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Muslim Wedding Invitations & Islamic Wedding Invitations

Religious wedding invitations somehow give your special day even more reverence and significance and Muslim wedding invitations are no different. They can come in any colour, shape or size and can incorporate styles like rustic, beach, romantic and floral.

Whether it’s scripture, poetry, or significant quotes, there are various Muslim wedding invitations wordings, so it depends on what’s important to you as a couple. Traditional Islamic wedding invitations usually include at least one set of parents in the host line but modern wedding invitations with a Muslim twist could vary greatly (just be mindful that some parents may be offended). Many Muslim invitations include religious and cultural motifs and symbols. While the most common wedding symbol is Bismillah (meaning ‘in the name of Allah’), the Star and Crescent and simple Allah symbol are also popular.

Searching for Muslim wedding invitations done cheap? We understand if you’re working with a budget so instead of DIY wedding invites, choose one of our sample Muslim wedding invitations in digital printing. You can still fully customise the design and we recommend utilising a free wedding website to convey all the wedding details to your guest in lieu of multiple cards.

Whether you’re after Muslim wedding invitations with a USA twist, wedding invitations for a Muslim wedding in the UK or even Indian Muslim wedding invitations, you’re sure to find a design you love among our exclusive collection created by independent artists.