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Multi Colored Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

Find Australia’s best multi colored wedding invitation designs online. If colour is your design driver a multi colored wedding invitation is a really awesome way to brighten up your stationery. Multi Colored designs look great across a range of print types. A multi colored wedding invitation can produce an amazing result when paired with metallic printing, and gives your wedding guests a glimpse of the exciting day you will be hosting.

When selecting the perfect multi colored wedding invitation it’s very important to think about how it relates to the style of the ceremony. If you are planning a garden inspired ceremony, then multi colored might be the perfect colour combination. And if you are looking to extend your wedding stationery suite to include a save the date or thank you card our design community has created extensive matching collections which have everything you need from the engagement party to the Thank You.

We make sure we have the best designs at Paperlust by selecting the best design talent from all over New Zealand and Australia including Perth. This means Paperlust has the best local design talent all under one digital roof creating the best multi colored wedding invitation designs. And if supporting the best young Aussie and Kiwi talent wasn’t enough to get you excited about Paperlust, remember we offer free shipping on all order, free envelopes with invitations and cards and a satisfaction guarantee, because we are sticklers when it comes to quality.