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Monogram Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so it makes sense to make your names a feature throughout your event, from beginning to end. For many couples, that starts with monogrammed wedding invitations. A monogram typically features the first letter of each of your first names, but may also include the initial of your surnames or (or perhaps just the one surname if you’re going to be sharing a name once married). These letters are typically very decorative and are used as a feature on your wedding invitation design. This look can be classy and traditional, or it can be bold and modern, depending on how it is incorporated. Monogrammed wedding invitations are also commonly known as ‘monogram wedding invitations’, and is often misunderstood as ‘mongram wedding invitations’, so if you see either of those terms used online, this is what they’re talking abouPaperlust is the ideal place to buy your monogram wedding invitations, because we allow you to customise your invitations in a completely unique way. While some sites require you to simply provide them with your initials and trust that the design will look right when you receive it, we give you full creative control right in your browser. You can add your letters to the monogram and your text to the invitation, and play around with it to make sure it looks perfect: resize, move and delete text, and make other changes. Any changes you can’t make on site, our designers will make for you after purchase to ensure your invitations are completely perfect for you. 

We can complement your monogrammed wedding invitations with all the other monogrammed cards you could want, from save the dates and RSVP cards to orders of ceremony and thank you cards. Browse our complete collections to coordinate your special day from start to finish. Of course, if you don’t want everything monogrammed, we can offer other styles to mix and match. 

We offer our monogrammed wedding invites in a range of different print types. Whatever your budget or style there’s something for you, from affordable digital to luxury letterpress. Our designs are created for you by talented independent designers across Australia, and your purchase supports them. That’s a huge win-win for people who love great design! 

Not convinced that monogrammed wedding invitations are the right choice for you? Be sure to browse some of our other design styles, including vintage wedding invitations, botanical wedding invitations, and modern wedding invitations