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Botanical Wedding Invitations

The popularity of botanical wedding invitations has skyrocketed recently. Nature can be both inspiring and soothing and many couples want to include it in their weddings any way they can. Whether it’s vintage botanical wedding invitations or botanical wedding invitations in black and white, botanicals are the queens of outdoor wedding invitations.

If you are planning a garden, forest, field or bush wedding, consider this theme or even country wedding invitations to kick things off in the right direction. Wedding invitations botanical style can be really bright and crowded or minimalist and monotone. You don’t even need to be getting married outside to order them. Due to unpredictable weather, many couples are afraid to plan an outdoor wedding and instead bring the outdoors in with plenty of foliage, pot plants and floral decorations. Customise your nature wedding invitations to look however you like - Paperlust has all the wedding invitation templates you need, as well as designs for RSVP cards, wedding menus, thank you cards and more.