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Magnet Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation usually finds itself up on the fridge for months leading up to your big day. What better practical solution than fridge magnet wedding invitations? This way they will still be looking nice by the time the wedding day comes around. Unique wedding invitations with a magnet can come in a few forms, but the most popular options are strip magnets up the top or for the invitation itself to be magnetic. Paperlust favour the strip magnet, making the wedding magnet invitations cheaper for you, our valued customer, at the end of the day.

Tempted to do DIY magnet wedding invitations to save some cash? While we don’t frown on wedding DIY in a general sense, making your own magnet invitations can end up costing you more in time, money and hassle than you realise (or are prepared to dedicate right before the wedding). Save the stress and let Paperlust handle it while you take care of the other items on your wedding to-do list!