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Like any culture, there’s no one style of ‘Indian wedding’ that is common to all weddings in India or among Indian people, but there are some things that you’re bound to run into if you are invited to enough Indian weddings. Much like the weddings themselves, Indian wedding invitations tend to be bright, colourful, and opulent. They often feature intricate patterns and line art. On the other hand, cute illustrations are often included (typically caricatures or cartoons of the bride and groom). Whatever their design, you’ll be counting down the days to be able to join in the celebrations! 


Indian Weddings are celebrations you can’t miss!

Indian weddings are traditionally luxurious feasts attended by very large numbers of family and friends. They traditionally go for three days straight but can be even longer, and are full of festivities. 

There are a number of common parts of a traditional Indian wedding, including the ganesh pooja (a ceremony, usually performed at home, involving the bridal party and close relatives, and performed by a priest), a mehndi ceremony (similar to a bridal shower, when a bride and her female friends and family gather to celebrate and draw henna patterns on their hands and feet), a sangeet (an opportunity for guests, particularly family members, to meet, mingle and celebrate), and a main ceremony and reception. This is certainly not comprehensive - there are numerous different parts of the wedding that you’re likely to be part of. 

Because there are so many different events that make up a traditional Indian wedding, there are often a number of different invitation cards used to invite people to different aspects of the wedding, and to make sure guests know exactly what is going on, when and where. 

Indian weddings typically include a lot of dancing, feasting, and music. There are show-stopping entrances and seemingly endless meaningful rituals. There’s usually a lot of colour, and a lot of people. Guest lists are often in the hundreds, with up to 700 people in attendance at some Indian weddings! The specifics will vary depending on specific culture, how religious the family is, and taste. 


Features of Online Indian Wedding Invitations

There’s no one thing that makes wedding invitations Indian, but there are some things that are particularly popular, whether you’re looking for the most casual invitations or the most formal royal Indian wedding invitations. There’s typically a lot of colour, especially red (which is traditionally considered a lucky colour), and other bright colours like pink, green and blue. An Indian wedding invitations background is often a solid, bright colour to set the scene for the information and details decorating it. 

Indian invites often feature opulent gold foiling (or raised foil), metallic ink, or letterpress. Intricate lines and patterns are common, which can be used to echo the henna patterns of the bridal celebrations. This may include geometric lines, mandalas, and other designs. Caricature wedding invitations Indian style are also popular: these, too, usually incorporate bright colours and line designs. These features may be in-your-face, or they may be more subtle. A simple invitation design with a cute little colourful mandala in the corner or at the top of the design can bring an Indian feel to a very modern, simple template. 

Features of an indian wedding invitation card may vary based on the culture of different areas and tastes. For example, you may see unique South Indian wedding invitations compared to other parts of the country. Even South Indian wedding invitation wording can be unique in subtle ways, just like other areas of the nation have their own unique take on things. If you attend enough Indian weddings, you’ll quickly learn that they’re not all the same! 


Paperlust for Wedding invitation cards India

Paperlust is the ideal choice for your india themed wedding invitations, wherever in the world you live. You can easily browse our large collection of Indian wedding invitations online free from the hassle of browsing different designers on different sites to try to find something you love. Every design on our site is completely customisable, so you can make it work specifically for your event. 

The process is simple: just browse our Indian wedding invitations templates to find one that you love.  We specialise in modern Indian wedding invitations designs and unique Indian wedding invitations designs, but there are a range of different styles to choose from, including more traditional options. Once you’ve chosen a design you love, you can select from any available colour palette options, and choose your print type (digital, letterpress, real foil, etc.) and paper stock. Then, it’s time to customise it. 

Our on site design tool is easy to use, and allows you to delete, resize, and move elements around. You can also edit the wording, putting your own details in place of the sample text, and changing the font options. If you’ve got particular Indian marriage quotes for wedding invitations that you’d like to include, this is the time to add these to the design. If you need more space to get your message across, you can add a second side to your design, or order supplementary information cards to go along with your main invitation. 

You can save this design and show it to family and friends before you purchase, or just give yourself time to think about it. Once you make your purchase, a professional Paperlust designer will check over your customised design to make sure everything is perfect and lined up correctly. If there are small changes you’d like to make but can’t do yourself, you can leave a message at checkout and our designers will make these changes for you at this stage as well. A final proof will then be emailed to you for your approval. Once you approve it, we go to print. 

We ship our unique wedding invitations Indian or otherwise, right around the world, so wherever you are you can make Paperlust invitations part of your big day (or days!). This all makes it easy and will make it worthwhile to buy your Indian wedding invitations online.