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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Forest Wedding Invitations

Some of the most inspiring wedding photos depict nuptials set in breathtaking forests. Forest themed wedding invitations are perfect for couples planning a wedding in the woods, an outdoor wedding or who just love nature, flowers or plants. Forest wedding invitations also work in well with eco-friendly and vegan weddings. Explore our exclusive collection to find out if forest is your style!

Whether you’re inspired by forest green wedding invitations or enchanted forest themed wedding invitations, a forest motif really gives your guests a sense of excitement and adventure and matches well with destination wedding invitations and fall wedding invitations. If you’ve dreamed of a princess wedding gown and a formal, elegant day, enchanted forest wedding invitations might spark some inspiration as you plan the rest of your enchanting day. Any Paperlust design can be customised, so feel free to add, change and request until you have your ideal invitation set completed. Happy planning!

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