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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Cultural Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invites & Cards

Having your wedding reception in a sophisticated, elegant venue such as Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin requires that all the elements related to your reception to be suitable for this elegant event. Starting from the wedding invitations, you need to make everything perfect. And what goes great with an elegant location, such as your chosen venue, other than cultural wedding invitations?

Here you will see some very impressive wedding invitation ideas, which are ready to complement your style and to offer a personal and sophisticated touch to your wedding set. If you don’t find that unique “this is the one!” wedding invite through the cultural ones, then you could give some credit to other styles, such as vintage, rustic wedding invitations, beach and lace.

With your fine taste for elegance, we are sure that you also offer a great importance to the colours that are related to all the aspects of your big day. So if you already decided regarding the colours you will use, then you can easily go with the same colours for your wedding invites. However, you can also take a look at black, blue, gold and purple invites, which might be a wonderful choice to represent your special ceremony.

Besides colours, the print type is also essential, so especially when you’re trying to achieve that sophisticated feel for your wedding invite, a letterpress, metallic prints, photo cards and wooden wedding invitations is an exquisite option to consider.

As far as we are sure that you wish to make everything perfect for your event, we recommend that you also look through some of our save the date templates, thank you cards, wishing well and engagement invitations to use, as they can be the ultimate thing that you need to make your guests feel unique and important in your heart.