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Creative Wedding Invitations

Would you label yourself a creative? From painting a picture to thinking up a new business strategy, creativity can be expressed in many different ways. Paperlust collaborates with the best of Aussie design talent to bring you an amazing range of creative wedding invitations. Our designers create wedding invitations that look appealing and are printed on the highest quality paper stocks so that they feel great too.

Browse creative save the dates, quirky wedding invitations and individual thank you cards to make your wedding season pop with personality. You can choose from brightly coloured creative invitations, calligraphy font artistic wedding invitations, bold patterns and much more.



Photocards are the ideal choice when looking for creative save the dates for weddings - you can literally take any photo you like and use it as the base for your invite design. Express your creativity behind the camera with a photo you took, or why not hire a professional photographer to capture the two of you together and it can double as an engagement shoot? 

Creative wedding cards don’t always have to mean going way out of your comfort zone. It could simply mean using nicknames in the host line, including some favourite pop culture references, writing your invite as a recipe or incorporating a timeline of your love story. The great thing about shopping with Paperlust is that you can use our online design tool to totally customise your selection and create the most unique wedding invitations ever!


Creativity all wedding day long

Sometimes weddings we attend and see on social media can start to blend into one another because of similarities, so a creative wedding invitation can be a way to really stand out from the crowd. But why stop there? Why not get creative with the other parts of your wedding day too? If you like fairytales you could arrive at the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage or wear a tiara. For photography fans why not take a photo booth to the next level and create face cut outs for favourite celebrities or fictional characters? If you’re a traveller with some seriously itchy feet, you could have a mix of different cultures’ cuisines at your reception or get your guests to sign a globe instead of a traditional guest book (in this case, the ‘wishing well’ often becomes the ‘travel fund’).

Traditional vows have been said so many times that some couples feel they are tired and have lost a bit of their meaning. Writing your own vows can be a way to get creative during the ceremony and make it really special and personal to you and your partner. 

No one knows you better than them and a short speech or even a poem before you say the vows can express your love and commitment in a truly unique way. Another way to liven up the ceremony is to have games for the guests to play while waiting for the bride, or an order of ceremony with instructions to make it into a paper airplane to be thrown at the exact moment of ‘you may now kiss the bride’.

So whether you personalise the design, colour, font or image, make sure that your creative wedding invitations feel truly you and express the unique sides of your personality as a couple. Why have a wedding like every movie when you can wow your guests with some truly out of the box ideas? Dare to be different!