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Backyard Wedding Invitations

Just because most weddings tend to be formal, there’s no reason why you can’t break the mould with backyard wedding invitations. There’s no sense in fancy gold foiling or blind embossing if you’re going to be wearing flip flops under your wedding dress. Casual backyard wedding invitations are the perfect way to let every guest know the kind of wedding your planning, so they can know what to expect. If you think you need to be more explicit, you can always include a casual or semi casual dress code.

Backyard wedding invitations wording can be funny, to-the-point, theatrical or along the lines of a theme (like BBQ), but traditional or simple wording is also totally fine. Foliage and nature themes are suited to backyard wedding reception invitations, so also consider our botanical wedding invitations and country wedding invitations.

If you’re opting for backyard BBQ wedding invitations (and we think you should), why not continue the theme with backyard BBQ wedding shower invitations? If you love to BBQ and have a good time, there’s nothing better! Browse our exclusive collection of designs today.