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Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Wedding anniversaries are a beautiful celebration of love, commitment and longevity. Hats off to any couple making it to a milestone anniversary; that definitely deserves a party - and a beautiful invitation!


Paperlust designers

At Paperlust we pride ourselves on supporting independent local designers from all across the country. We are the link connecting amazing designs with people who will love them. Every event deserves a special invitation and we are committed to wowing customers every single time - right from that first click when browsing to the final invitation being sent out to the last guest.

We showcase original designs ranging from full bright colours and intricate patterns to simple typography and elegant touches of real gold foil. We’re nuts about paper, so you can rest assured that our stocks are only the highest quality and that each invitation is QA checked before it reaches your hands. Each design is fully customisable with our online design tool after you’re done a professional designer checks it over to make sure the aesthetic elements are all on point. Don’t worry - you will still get to approve the final design before going to print.


Why shop online?

Shopping online means that you get a wide variety of designs to choose from and are able to find options within your price range. You can apply filters when browsing to search for exactly what you want - all from the convenience of your own home (or while on the train or in a waiting room). We’re all busy and we understand that you need to find the right invitation quickly, at the right price and without fuss. You’ve come to the right place.


25th wedding anniversary

A quarter of a century - when put that way it probably seems like a lot longer than 25 years. Congratulations! (Hope you’re not feeling too old.) You’re probably still right in the thick of a bustling, busy life - possibly with kids leaving school, travelling or heading off to college. Careers are most likely in full swing. Whatever you’ve got going on in your life, it’s worth taking a few moments out of your day to browse some amazing 25th wedding anniversary invitations.

It’s a party that you want to be lively and full of fun - so maybe keep in mind bright colours, bold designs or better yet, some raised silver foil for your silver wedding anniversary. However big or small your celebration, a personal invitation that reflects the feel of the event is a must.


40th wedding anniversary

Forty years means rubies … did I hear a cheer from the ladies? Whether you receive a ruby for making it to 40 years or not, a great idea could be red themed 40th wedding anniversary invitations, or invites with a ruby motif interwoven in some way. Red is also the colour of love and passion, so you could weave these tones throughout your decor, and even into the food (think heart shaped cookies or glitter frosted red velvet cupcakes).


Golden wedding anniversary

This is the big one. The time to throw the biggest party. The anniversary event that people will travel the furthest to be at. Golden wedding anniversary invitations deserve to be just as significant, and there are more than enough style options. You can go traditional and include some stunning gold foil in the design - combine this with letterpress and you have elegance personified. 

But 50 wedding anniversary invitations don’t have to be all about the gold. Why not try a photo card with some ‘then and now’ pictures to show your loved ones how far you’ve come as a couple? You could include a funny caption or go with humour and personalise a quirky invitation that includes a joke your family and friends will enjoy. If you want to go with something sweet and personal, why not include a bit of your story (how you met and fell in love, the kids you have and other major life events)? The most important thing about 50th wedding anniversary is that they are what you envisioned.

Are you lucky enough to be celebrating 60 years of marriage? That is seriously impressive! While a lot of the ‘golden’ themed things don’t apply to a 60th, your achievement is definitely still worth springing for some elegant 60th wedding anniversary invitations fit for royalty!


Does it have to be a milestone?

While it is more common for couples to host big celebrations for their milestone anniversaries (often more to do with money and convenience than anything else), there are definitely no rules prohibiting a party on other years. You may want to go for something smaller, with just close family and friends, but can still choose from a range of invitations, from watercolour and calligraphy to florals and rustic themes - whatever suits your personality and venue.


How big to go?

What’s the balance between your original wedding and just a party? Deciding on the size of your anniversary party can depend on a few factors:

  • Budget - there’s no point breaking the budget just to avoid offending people. Sit down and decide on amounts to spend on each area (venue, food, drinks, invitations etc) and try to stick to it.
  • Venue size - it’s best to choose your venue before writing your guest list, to make sure you have enough room to accommodate everyone.
  • Personality - not everybody likes big crowds and it’s perfectly okay to create a more intimate guest list if you guys are more comfortable with that.


Vow renewals on a milestone anniversary

Some couples like to renew their vows on a milestone wedding anniversary and we say go for it! Usually that means more formal invitations sent out a little earlier than just for an anniversary party because you want to make sure people have time to make arrangements to be there, especially if travelling from far away. 

Roles for kids/family at a vow renewal ceremony

Some people like to give their close family members, like children, a role in their vow renewal ceremony. It’s up to you of course, but if you want to include family here are some ways you can do it:

  • Vows to your kids
  • Older children as officiants
  • Parents or grandparents offering advice or blessings
  • Children speaking about the good things they’ve learnt from your marriage
  • Lighting candles in memory of loved ones who have passed away
  • Have a family member sing a song, read a poem or play a musical instrument.


Who to invite

Do I have to invite all the people I invited to my wedding to my anniversary party? Absolutely not! Relationships change and some people are only in your life for certain seasons. It’s very normal to not have seen some wedding guests for years - or even since the wedding day. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: who have I been in contact with in the last six months? If someone doesn’t know what’s going on in your life now, they don’t need an invite. 

How to cut when you want a small gathering: you could keep it to just family only (plus partners), or also other current close old friends. After all, they’re the ones that have really seen your marriage grow and develop over the years.


Getting the wording right

The wording can be tricky and depends on a few things, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you get it right.

  • Who is hosting - the couple, children or a friend/family member?


Example when couple hosts (formal):


Paul and Jennifer 

Request the pleasure of your company

To help them celebrate

Their 25th wedding anniversary

Join us for a formal dinner at

The Hilton Hotel

At 6 o’clock in the evening 

On Saturday the twenty-ninth

Of September two thousand and eighteen

Formal attire

Please RSVP by 15th September 2018 



When children host (semi-formal):


Please join us to in a celebration 

Honouring our amazing parents

Paul and Jennifer

On the occasion of

Their 25th wedding anniversary

Hilton Hotel

Saturday 29th September 2018


Dress code: semi-formal

Please RSVP by 15th September



When friends or family members host (casual): 


Come and party with us

As we celebrate 25 years

Since Paul and Jenny tied the knot!

29.09.18 @ 6pm

The love birds ask for no gifts

But a contribution to their collection of memories

Will be treasured forever

RSVP to 0409 876 678 by 15.09.18



  • How formal or casual the celebration is - we have provided examples above of different levels of formality.
  • How creative you want to be - for a formal party you may want to use classic poetry. For an informal event, a joke or a brief version of the couple’s story is a fun way to go.


When to send invitations

We generally recommend sending invitations 6-8 weeks in advance, but longer for destination weddings.



Gifts are often not expected at a wedding anniversary celebration, but guests may want to bring something to honour the marriage of two special people in their life. The gift depends on who you are in relation to the couple and how long you have known them.

For something like a 20th anniversary, there might be something the couple have wanted for a long time but haven’t been able to purchase due to the life expenses of kids growing up etc. If they lead busy lives, then maybe a movie voucher or restaurant gift certificate would be much appreciated.

A couple celebrating 50 years of marriage have likely bought most things they want and aren’t usually struggling for money (as a young couple getting married and starting their lives may be). Sometimes the best gift is one with sentimental value, like a scrapbook, photo album, or even a framed photograph of the extended family. If you do want to purchase something, a group gift based around their hobbies is a nice idea, or even a purchasing them an experience (like a weekend away at a golf club and spa). If you are still unsure, perhaps ask one of their kids or grandkids for some ideas.

If they are your children: for a son or daughter’s wedding anniversary, a family heirloom is a very valuable gift that won’t require you to fork out cash on the spot.



Through working with Paperlust, you will be supporting young independent Australian designs, helping them get their art out to the world. You are our priority so we will do our best to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience the entire way.

No matter which design you choose, as long as you feel like it reflects your personality and suits the tone of your event, you have chosen right. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the party food!