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Digital Save the Date Cards

Our digital printing save the date cards will allow you to get the best of high-end design from independent Paperlust designers, without burning a hole in the pocket.

A digital save the date invitation can be a good, and fast way of marking that point in the diary for friends and family, whilst saving more budget for the Letterpress or Foil Stamp print types for the official invitation and wedding stationery such as wedding invitations, the wedding menu, wedding place cards and rsvp cards.

Our digital save the date cards come out at the highest quality print, as our digital design types such as Simple and Watercolour come out beautifully on the range of our Paperlust Premium, and Paperlust Linen paper types.

If you are saving the date for a future birthday invitation, make sure to send out the save the date card approximately eight weeks before the event. 

Gold, Pink, Purple and Rose Gold and our other colour types come out beautifully vivid and rich on all our paper types in a range of thicknesses. All save the dates are light enough to be pinned to a recipient's fridge.

Digital printing save the date invitations have our fastest turnaround, so if you are in a hurry with your wedding, designs can be printed and shipped to, Australia, Sydney and Melbourne within 3-5 business days.