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Watercolor Save the Date Cards & Watercolor Save the Dates

Paperlust watercolocor save the dates are one of our designer community’s favourite types of invitation designs to create. Our watercolor save the date dates are a beautiful mix of blue, green and pink colors, a mix of beautiful pastels and lighter shades look like they were hand painted by angels.

We also have a large range of watercolor invitation designs in other suites for wedding invitation, thank you cards, wishing well and engagement invitation, to complement your save the date invitation and complete the watercolor wedding set.

If you are running a watercolor theme on the day, consider matching the watercolor save the dates with the eventual wedding menus and place card stationery - this can often complement the choice of flowers and styling picked for the day.

Our watercolor range looks best on our linen paper, almost a paper linen art canvas, which turns every watercolor save the date print into a hand painted artwork. Our watercolor print designs are also available for letterpress, foil stamp, photo card and print on wood for the premium end, and for a cheaper option have a look at our save the date magnets.

Watercolor designs also come in rustic, funny, formal and winery variations to create a mashup between styles with the watercolor effect mixed in.