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Save The Date Baby Shower Cards

Having a baby shower is a rite of passage and an exciting way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child. It’s a meaningful time shared with friends and family, so you want to be able to make sure they can attend and celebrate with you. For this reason, many people choose to send out a save the date baby shower card before they send out their baby shower invites. This gives everyone plenty of notice and lets them know they are going to be invited and should keep the date free for it! 

Your time frame for baby shower save the dates is different than for a wedding or other event, since it’s limited by the time of the pregnancy. For most, a save the date baby shower card goes out soon after announcing the pregnancy. This usually happens around 3 months, and assuming you have the baby shower within the last month of your pregnancy, you can aim to give guests 4 months notice with your baby shower save the date cards. Let guests know the date, and the city where the shower will take place. You can also give them the time if you already have that decided. Invitations are then sent out about 4 weeks before the baby shower to give all the details and remind everyone it is happening.