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Surprise Birthday Invitations & Party Invitation Cards

 A surprise party is a fun and memorable way to celebrate a birthday, but to ensure that your event is a success you need two things; first, you need a great group of friends and family members assembled for the celebration, and second, you need to make sure no one spoils the surprise! The right surprise birthday invitations can help you spread the word about the celebration so that guests will be sure to attend and will clearly understand that the event is meant to be a secret. Here at Paperlust, we have an amazing variety of different kinds of surprise birthday invitations, so your intentions are known, the surprise is set, and the invite makes it clear who the big hoopla is all to celebrate. 

Paperlust has your surprise birthday party invitations so your guests don’t spoil the fun. 

At Paperlust, we offer surprise birthday invitations for a variety of milestone years and occasions, including 30th birthday invitations, 40th, and 50th and a large variety of other types of birthday cards. When you choose party invitations from our birthday invitation collection, you'll be getting an original design from a talented graphic designer or artist. Our incredible artists, located in, and inspired by, incredible locations like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, Australia and even beyond, have created these gorgeous surprise birthday party invitations that look perfect, give all the information that your guests will need, and makes it clear to keep quiet to the guest of honor. 


Surprise party invitations in a variety of designs for a wide variety of birthday parties. 

With our large collection of surprise birthday invitations, the possibilities for sharing the news about the party are truly endless. Shop by design style to find a birthday invitation that perfectly complements your theme or colour scheme with stunning options like vintage birthday invites, black & white invitations, and even hand drawn birthday party invitations. You can even select your preferred print style from a tonne of options and styles like raised foil or letterpress. No matter the type of party you want to throw, or the type of person you’re throwing the party for, look no further than right here at Paperlust and our incredible variety of surprise party invitations, and you’ll certainly find the perfect one. 


You’ll love these super fun surprise invitations available right here at Paperlust.

Not only are you sure to love our super fun surprise invitations, once you’ve chosen the design you love you can extend it to other types of stationary you may need, or want, for the party, or beyond. Paperlust is your headquarters for stylish customised invitations and stationery. Shop our complete selection of products, including options like rsvp and thank you cards, so all your birthday party stationary needs are taken care of. You can even find beautiful print invitations and other types of stationary for all of life's celebrations. If you ever need help finding the right party invites, feel free to contact us for assistance.