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Gold Thank You Cards & Wedding Thank You Cards

Paperlust, Australia’s dedicated designer marketplace has the hottest gold thank you card designs in one place. We think that choosing a gold thank you card is the perfect choice for the big day. Gold looks amazing across all different printing styles. A gold thank you card is perfect for letterpress printing, and allows your guests a reminder of the style and theme of your big day.

When making the decision about the best gold thank you card we think it is critical to consider how it will relate to the to the style of the event. If you have planned a formal themed event, then gold could go a long way to setting the tone for the day. And if you would like to complete the stationery set with a wishing well or a information card we have Australia’s best design talent all in one place where you can find matching designs to make sure you have everything even covered from engagement to post wedding thank you notes.

Our job here at Paperlust is to curate the best young Australian and New Zealand-based wedding stationery designers, including those from Brisbane. Meaning that we have the best young local designs talent down under creating the best gold thank you card designs. And to top it off we offer free shipping, free envelopes and a satisfaction guarantee that means we are Australia’s number one custom wedding stationery marketplace.


Gold foil thank you cards

For those who love gold and shine, Paperlust offers many options and designs for your thank you cards. Elegant and luxurious events, a classy personality, or the simple preference for shiny gold things is more than enough reason to order your cards with this style. 

Paperlust has a couple of print types that will make your cards unique and memorable. Real foil is the most popular for those who love gold. It is a sophisticated specialty printing process that incorporates metallic pigment, pressure, and heat, resulting in high quality and luxurious product. 

Another option for those who want gold but in a subtle form, metallic print is ideal. The metallic gold pigment is applied in a stage of the printing process, and it delivers a gold-tone without the cost and shine of real foil.

Your thank you cards can have small elements like the main wording in a gold-tone, complement it by uploading a photo, adding a filter, or leaving it simple and classic without any other design element.