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Yellow And Grey Wedding Invitations

A combination for daytime or spring season weddings, yellow and gray can look amazing if you find beautiful pieces of decoration for your wedding. Plus, this combination suits both formal and casual gatherings. If you want to host a formal wedding, you can incorporate hints of silver along with gray. For a casual or daytime wedding, there are many possibilities, a gray cement vase for your centerpieces along with delicate and beautiful yellow blooms. Add a gray table runner or tablecloth and complement it with yellow cloth napkins. 

Your wedding invitation can go along the same aesthetic. Find a design from the many options Paperlust has for you; keep in mind that you can customize the wording and the font, and the letter size. You can even move elements or discard them if they are not useful for your purpose. 

When you find the winner, you can now choose the print type of your preference. If a metallic detail is needed, we recommend real foil for luxurious shine and metallic for a subtle finish. Letterpress can help you create a vintage invitation, and digital print is ideal for simple designs with beautiful colors.