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Woodland Wedding Invitations

Your wedding can take inspiration from many different places, and nature is one of the most beautiful and popular. If you are organizing a rustic, outdoor, fall, or even winter wedding, woodland is an ideal theme. Imagine pine trees, delicate greenery, warm earthy tones, and perhaps even a reindeer. 

Woodland invitations suit both a casual and elegant gathering. You can choose white ink printing over kraft paper or a light ivory tone with greenery and florals for a rustic and casual event. If you are looking for a unique invitation, print on wood is the right choice. 

An elegant finish can be provided by real foil printing; a couple of details like a frame or your names can do the work. A dark stock tone like green or black along with white ink suits well, or even kraft paper with black details such as a pine tree. 

Remember that Paperlust ships worldwide, order your wedding invitations and matching save the dates, menus, and RSVP cards. Keep in mind that you should mail your wedding invitations at least six weeks before your big day. 


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