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Pledging to love someone ‘til death do us part’ is a big deal! You want that moment to be special, romantic - intimate. We get it: You want to keep your vows a private affair, but you still want to party with all your friends. Our solution? A small ceremony, followed by reception only invitations for the big bash later on. 

Intimate ceremony

One of the main reasons for wedding reception invitations is the chance to host a beautiful, intimate ceremony with just your nearest and dearest present. Maybe you have a close-knit family, or you’re just a private person and a small group feels right or sounds less intimidating (we understand it can be a bit scary having hundreds of eyes on you as you say ‘I do’!). Many people are most excited about the reception anyway, so no need to feel bad for only inviting them to that part. Do what feels right for you.

Destination wedding

Does a casual beach ceremony with some Hawaiian sand between your toes sound good to you? Or maybe an intimate little gathering nestled in the Tuscan hills? For many people, a destination wedding is a dream come true, so why say no just because you’re worried about offending a few people? Your guests will understand and it can often suit everyone to just wait until you get home (even after your honeymoon) to celebrate at a big wedding reception. Win, win!

If you and your fiancé come from different parts of the world, wedding reception invitations can be perfect. You can plan a big party later on for the friends and family who couldn’t make it to the actual wedding. And hey, there’s no law against whipping your dress out a second time! Come on, you know you want to.

Registry Office

Sick of all the pressure associated with a traditional ceremony? Going to the registry office with your love in a cute dress (or jeans) and a couple of witnesses is the ultimate fuss-free way to tie the knot. The ceremony and wedding reception may even be months apart if the registry office ceremony is coupled with a destination wedding reception that guests need time to save up for. If you are having your registry office ceremony and reception wedding the same day, it is up to you whether you mention the ceremony on your invitation.


Sneaking off to elope is an exciting way to avoid all the hassle, but our only caution is to be mindful of close family members like parents, and whether excluding them will cause tension.

Does an elopement have to be top secret? Although historically they were kept strictly on the down low, these days many couples do announce it on a reception only invitation (the first example listed in the section below) or invite a few people. It’s up to you; just don’t forget your two witnesses!

Separate invitations vs ceremony cards

There are two ways to do your reception only invitations: two separate invitations (one for guests coming to both parts of the wedding and one for the reception only, on this card you can list out the order of wedding reception), or just a reception invitation (with a ceremony card included for certain guests). While the first option might be what couples think of first, using ceremony cards for relevant guests can be more practical because it means you only have to print one main invitation design.

If you are looking for wedding reception invitations templates, the great thing is that you can just choose any wedding invitation and customise the wording. Voila!

Wedding reception invitations wording

The key to nailing the wording on your reception only invitations is to make the ceremony sound like no big deal and your reception sound like the party of the year. In a less formal invitation you can really emphasise how much you want them there.

For example:

Kelly and Brian

Have eloped

But it wouldn’t be

A party

Without you there

To celebrate!

Please join us for

Dinner, drinks and dancing

Friday 28 September 2018

At 7pm

Mt Duneed Estate

65 Pettavel Rd

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216

Do we mention the ceremony or not?

While some feel the need to mention that the ceremony was indeed small and intimate (to smooth any ruffled feathers), others think it is more tactful to leave it out entirely. It’s your call. If you would prefer the second option but think some guests may not be able to read between the lines, you can casually mention the ‘small ceremony’ in conversation, or via text or email, focussing on how excited you are to celebrate with them at the reception. Another way to be clear but tactful would be to mention the ceremony in small print at the bottom of your invitation (above the RSVP details), or listing the ceremony as a separate occasion and not providing any details so that guests understand they are only invited to the reception. 

Example of invitation mentioning the ceremony (informal):

Kelly and Brian

Said ‘I do’ in a private ceremony

On Saturday 3 February 2018

They would love you to join them

For dinner, some bubbles and little dancing

At a reception celebrating their love

Saturday 24 February 2018

At 7pm

Mt Duneed Estate

65 Pettavel Rd

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216

Invitation not mentioning the ceremony (formal): 


Kelly and Brian

Together with their families

Request the honour of your presence 

At a wedding reception celebrating 

Their recent marriage

On Saturday the twenty-fourth of February

Two thousand and eighteen

At seven o’clock in the evening

Mt Duneed Estate

65 Pettavel Rd

Waurn Ponds VIC 3216

No matter your reason for choosing reception only invitations, stick to your guns. You made the decision for a reason and it is sure to be a beautiful, meaningful ceremony. We have a range of luxurious designs that are fully customisable using our online design tool, so get shopping!

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