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Create your own Wedding Reception Invitations

Create the perfect wedding reception invitations: A Guide

Pledging to love someone ‘til death do us part’ is a big deal! You want that moment to be special, romantic - intimate. We get it: You want to keep your vows a private affair, but you still want to party with all your friends. Our solution? A small ceremony, followed by reception only wedding invitations for the big bash later on. 


Creating an Intimate ceremony with wedding invitations for reception only

One of the main reasons for wedding reception invitations is the chance to host a beautiful, intimate ceremony with just your nearest and dearest present. Maybe you have a close-knit family, or you’re just a private person and a small group feels right or sounds less intimidating (we understand it can be a bit scary having hundreds of eyes on you as you say ‘I do’!). Many people are most excited about the reception anyway, so no need to feel bad for only inviting them to that part. Do what feels right for you.