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Victorian Wedding Invitations

Have you ever dreamed of travelling back in time to the heydey of authors Charles Dickens or Bram Stoker? For those who love history or are enamoured with the glory and glamour of the past, Victorian themed wedding invitations might be a dream come true. You may be selecting Victorian style wedding invitations to match your gorgeous vintage wedding gown or the amazing jewellery that you and your bridal party found at an antique shop. Whatever the reason, it’s a relief to change it up from the modern wedding invitations are everywhere right now - embracing the Victorian style will help you stand out.

There are so many Victorian wedding invitations ideas to choose from when planning your special day. If you want to create a strong theme (maybe even complete with dress ups) for your wedding, consider Victorian era wedding invitations with a few extra embellishments like letterpress or real gold foil. You can be guided by a colour theme with something like Victorian lilac wedding invitations to match your bouquet or bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps your stationery has been inspired by your venue - an 18th century cathedral. Victorian gothic wedding invitations would perfectly complement this selection.

Vintage Victorian wedding invitations don’t mean that your whole wedding has to be a vintage extravaganza. What about Victorian wedding invitations with wording that is surprisingly modern? It’s a great way to combine old and new! Some think that Victorian wedding invitations look better handmade, but we understand you may not have the time or resources to pull of a DIY project whilst planning a wedding. Browse Paperlust for Victorian wedding invitations templates free of stress - just customise using our online design tool and we’ll make the design look perfect then take care of the printing!